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Homeopathy For Noise Sensitivity, Hyperacute Hearing, Tinnitus

Homeopathic remedies will provide a effective, natural treatment for hyperacute hearing
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Below are the common homeopathic remedies used for hyper acute hearing, noise sensitivity and tinnitus

Aggravated by Noise or Music Homeopathic Remedies
  • Ambra Grisea
    Nervous, oversensitive; timid; hysterical spasms; old age.
  • Aurum Metallicum
    Improves the mental and physical state; improves a depressive mood, oversensitive to noise; otitis; mastoiditis.
  • Nat Carb, Nat Mur or Nat Sulph
    Aggravates the mental and physical state emotional; frequent whining and weeping; sadness, worse by warm enclosed atmosphere.
  • Graphites
    Apprehensive; unable to decide; hissing; banging in ears.
  • Lycopodium
    When congratulated in public; by nostalgia; sentimentalism.
  • Tarentula Hispanica
    Extreme hysterical restlessness; sexual excitement; vertigo.
  • Thuja
    Weeping and trembling with music; anxious; restless; suspicious.
Aversion To Noise Homeopathic Remedies
  • Belladonna
    With acute brain congestion; very acute hearing; humming noises; acute otitis; delusions.
  • Borax
    Extremely anxious and nervous; canker sores; agg. downward motion.
  • Coffea
    This remedy is useful when Hearing has particularly increased sensitivity; brain hyperactivity; cannot stop thinking; insomnia; neuralgia.
  • Kali Carb
    Itching, cracking, ringing, and roaring in ears; oversensitive to pain.
  • Nitric Acid
    With ear cracking, difficult hearing ; generally better while riding in a car; craves fat.
  • Nux Vomica
    Slightest noise puts them into a terrible rage. Greatly affected by the least sensation; ugly; malicious.
  • Sepia
    For those anxious and oversensitive; agg. toward evening; sad; indifferent to loved ones.
  • Silicea
    For noise aggravation; all senses sensitive; recurrent otitis; somnambulism (sleep walking).

Extreme Sensitive to Noise with Depression Homeopathic Remedies

  • Digitalis
    Melancholic; general cardio-respiratory weakness; elderly people.
  • Phosphoric Acid
    Cannot think; weak memory; insomnia; anorexia; indifferent.
Hearing Voices with Tinnitus Homeopathic Remedies
  • Kali Bromatum
    Melancholic delusion; paranoia; night terrors; temporary amnesia.
  • Belladonna
    of dead people; many frightful images; desire to escape from their room or their bed.
  • Phosphorus
    Schizophrenic delirium; oversensitive to odors and touch.
Meniere's Disease Homeopathic Remedies
  • Chenopodium anthelminticum
    Buzzing; deafness to voice and sounds; sensitive to low tones
  • China sulphuricum
    Violent ringing; roaring; buzzing with deafness; polyarthritis
Noise Sensitive Which Is Extreme Homeopathic Remedies
  • Chamomilla
    Ringing and terrible earaches aggravated at night and by heat, better being carried.
  • Sabina
    Hypochondria; bad mood; frontal headache; pelvic disorders.

Tinnitus with Vertigo Remedies

  • Asarum
    Scratching paper drives them crazy; always feel cold; deafness :
  • China
    Ringing; oversensitive to odors; pale face; hepatic insufficiency; fatigue, anemia :
  • Conium
    With depression; weakness; trembling; palpitations; insomnia; defective hearing :
  • Phosphorus
    All senses oversensitive to sound, with internal heat, difficulty hearing :
  • Theridion
    Noise penetrates the body as painful spots, especially teeth :

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