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Natrum Muriaticum Constitution
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 Natrum Muriaticum Constitution

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Nat Mur, Natrum Muraticum, Homeopathy, remedy


Natrum Muriaticum is useful in Autism, ADHD, PANDAS and other neurological disorders, along with other important polychrests.

Key Symptoms of Nat Muriaticum

  • APPEARANCE: Pear-shaped build in women. Solid, strong and lean build in men. Skin can be puffy and oily with frequent swelling. Watery, red eyes. Dry cracked lips. Medium to dark hair.

  • MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Will suppress emotions such as fear, anger, guilt and loneliness, which can lead to depression. May suppress feelings over lost loved ones.  May become very depressed after relationship break-up. Will possibly wish to cry but find self unable. Suffer in silence rather than ask for help. Down to earth with mind set on career.

  • PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: Nervous system. Depression, premenstrual syndrome, anorexia; skin problems; mouth ulcers and cold sores; heart palpitations and headaches.

  • DIETARY FACTORS: Likes cold drinks, sour and savory foods; craves salt and most carbohydrates. Dislikes coffee and aggravated by bread.

  • THE NAT. MUR. CHILD: Small for their age. Slow development. Well behaved. Loves animals. Very good academically but can become extremely hurt if criticized at school. May suffer from headaches under pressure.

  • GENERALITIES: The Nat. mur. type may be professional and career minded. Like to read, academic and tend to be high achievers.

Stages of Nat Muriaticum Progression

  • In the first stage Natrum Muriaticum is cheerful, open, romantic, hopeful and cries fairly easily.

  • In the second stage they suffer mood swings in which they are sometimes cheerful and sometimes sad and sometimes they laugh and sometimes they cry, etc.

  • In the third stage they become depressed, emotionally rigid, hopeless, suicidal and never cry or show much emotion.

  • In the fourth stage their complexes take over and they act out their past issues and express their complexes in a manner that is psychotic. These could manifest as an extreme form of any of the symptoms of the previous stages. They now become what people call insane (dementia or Alzheimer's disease) because they are completely out of touch with reality.

Natrum Muriaticum
(sodium chloride)

  • Salt retention as evidenced by swelling.

  • Alteration in the blood causing a  anemia and leucocytosis (n increase in the number of white cells in the blood, especially during an infection.)

  • Retention of water in the tissues.

  • Gouty or rheumatic gout.

  • For certain forms of intermittent fever, anemia, chlorosis, many disturbances of the alimentary tract and skin.

  • Great debility.

  • Most weakness felt in the morning in bed.

  • Coldness.

  • Emaciation most notable in neck.

  • Great liability to take cold.

  • Dry mucous membranes.

  • Constrictive sensation throughout the body.

  • Great weakness and weariness.

  • Oversensitive to all sorts of influences.

  • Hyperthyroidism.

  • Goitre.

  • Addison’s disease.

  • Diabetes.

  • BETTER open air, cold bathing, going without regular meals, lying on right side; pressure against back, tight clothing.

  • WORSE noise, music, warm room, lying down

  • WORSE about 10 a.m.

  • WORSE at seashore, mental exertion, consolation, HEAT, talking.

Natrum Muriaticum: Homeopathic Medicine - Tips For Beginners
(6:03 minutes)


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