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Aurum metallicum
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Aurum Metallicum (Aurum.)
(the metal gold)

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  • Aurum Metallicum is an important remedy for depression or loathing of life. 

  • Violent headache with suicidal thoughts.

  • People who benefit from Aurum typically have emotional weakness, but are mentally strong

  • They are introverted and serious, with a touch of sadness.

  • They tend to be sensitive, refined, easily hurt and sensitive to any criticism. T

  • hey don't share emotions easily and can have outbursts of temper.

  • They tend to be very responsible,  disciplined and highly ambitious.

  • They are often workaholics who attain high position in society.

  • Religious, classical and soft music ameliorates. 

  • Aurum is used for ailments from grief, humiliation, from business reversal.

  • A person needing Aurum can have suicidal impulses especially of jumping from a high place.  Suicidal from pain. 

  • They are self-reproaching and feel worthless, incapable.

  • Fear of failure. Forsaken feeling

  • Delusion that they have lost affection of friends.

  • Anxiety of conscience. Delusion neglected her duty, has done wrong, everything will fail, she is unfit for the world.

  • Sleeplessness with tossing about in bed.

  • Short interrupted periods of restless, anxious sleep.

  • Nightmares.

  • Angina pectoris.

  • Fear of heart disease, high places, in crowd. 

  • Swelling glands. Indurations. Malignancies. 

  • Bone pains. Wandering pains.

  • Pains are aggravated at night. 

  • Psoriatic arthritis.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis.

Aurum metallicum Homeopathic Remedy by Misha Norland

(15:05 minutes)


Aurum Metallicum (Gold) by Roger Morrison
(17:06 minutes)


Suicidal Aurum By Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea
(11:24 minutes)


What Is Aurum Metallicum?
(3:08 minute)


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