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Homeopathy For Cats

Homeopathic remedies can help your cat with many types of health issues.
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  • Abscesses In Cats
    • Hepar sulphur is used where there is puss from a wound, boil or other infection under the skin.

    • Silicea can be used to help resolve abscesses which have burst and to heal discharging sinuses or fistulae.

  • Aggression in Cats

    • Belladonna for aggressive cats that do not calm easily or are aggressive

  • Anal Glands Issues in Cats
    Problems with anal glands associated with skin or other health problems.

  • Bites in Cats

    • Gunpowder for wounds with low-grade infection that do not heal.

    • Hepar sulphur will prevent the formation of an abscess.

    • Ledum is for puncture wounds.

    • Silicea for a bite is a few days old or where an abscess has already started to form.

  • Broken Bones in Cats

    • Symphytum is useful in speeding up and in ensuring that fracture heal well. It is also extremely useful in helping with joint, cartilage, ligament and tendon injuries in genera. It is often used alongside other remedies.
  • Cat Fights

  • Cystitis in Cats

    • Sarsaparilla is used for an  acute blockage. Cystitis is often linked to small stones in the bladder.

  • Constipation in Cats

    • Nux Vomica is used constipation. It works well where the cat strains, but either little or nothing is passed. If straining is absent then this is not the correct remedy. This is also a remedy for the liver and for helping restore the digestion after an upset.

  • Dental Issues in Cats

    • Fragaria helps to dissolve dental plaque form plaque from teeth and prevents the build up of plaque after teeth have been cleaned.

  • Diarrhea In Cats

    • Arsenicum album is used for diarrhea. Also used for gastrointestinal issues from eating spoiled food or garbage. There is nausea, vomiting and food is refused. There is thirst for small quantities of water, which may be vomited back immediately. The vomit can contain blood, bile, food or mucus. Simultaneous diarrhea is offensive and may also contain blood. The animal is very cold and seeks warmth. Symptoms are often worse around midnight.

  • Digestive Issus in Cats

    • Lycopodium is used to improve digestion.

    • Nux Vomica is used vomiting and digestive issues.

    • Sulphur is used for any types of skin ailments include rashes and flakey skin.

  • Eczema in Cats
    The underlying cause frequently lies in the emotional sphere in the catís environment.

  • Eyes and Ears Issues in Cats

    • Arnica and Hamamelis for ear flaps that fill with blood using alternating doses.

    • Mercurius solubilis for ulceration in the ear

    • Silicea for chronically inflamed ears.

    • Symphytum for general injuries to the eyes.

    • Tellurium when there is a strong fishy smell to any discharge.

  • Eyes - Watering in Cats

  • Fear In Cats

    • Arsenicum album is the remedy for anxiety or restlessness especially where this is a problem at night with pacing around.

    • Phosphorus is  one of the remedies useful in dealing with fear of thunder, sudden noises like fireworks. It also acts on the nerves and can help where there is nerve weakness affecting the back legs.

  • Foreign Material Imbedded in Cats

    • Silicea is well known for helping expel foreign material body like a thorns or seeds or other imbedded objects under the skin.

  • Gingivitis in Cats

  • Joint Issues In Cats

    • Bryonia helps joints and the chest. It is used for treating arthritis where the symptoms are better for rest and in cool weather and worse in hot weather and for using the leg. Affected joints are sometimes hot or visibly swollen.

  • Kidney  Issues in Cats
    Dehydration in cats can also occur if eating dry food. 

  • Respiratory Issues in Cats
    Respiratory problems can arise following pet vaccination.

    • Pulsatilla when the discharge is whitish.

    • Kali bich when it is thick and yellow. 

    • Silicea is used in chronic cases where the discharge is white. 

    • Nat mur is used for a thinner more watery discharge rather like egg white.

    • Arsenicum album is a constitutional type commonly seen in cats and useful for respiratory conditions.

    • Thuja is used if there is an obvious link of respiratory issues to vaccination.

  • Skin Problems in Cats

    • Arsenicum album  is a major skin remedy with itching, redness and flaking or dandruff.  This is often allergy related.

    • Bacillinum treats ringworm.

    • Rhus tox is well known for use on itching skin. Contact causes intense itching with redness and blistering.

    • Sulphur is used for any types of skin ailments include rashes and flakey skin. It can help with cases flea allergies, or allergies. Used for itching, scratching, nibbling and rubbing as well as dandruff, scabs, sores and smelly greasy skin.

    • Sepia also treats ringworm.

  • Spraying & Resentment in Cats
    Changes in emotional balance the cause urinary problems. When a cat is spraying there is deliberate choice of targets. Jealousy of a new family member or pet arrival or added stress in the household can trigger the behavior.

    • Staphysagria for feeling of resentment regarding the situation.

    • Hyoscyamus has jealousy and cats will deliberately spray while they are being watched.

  • Surgery In Cats

    • Nux Vomica It is useful after surgery where it helps detoxify the liver and stimulates the appetite.

  • Trapped Toes and Tails in Cats

    • Hypericum is used for bruised and damaged nerves.

    • Secale is used affected area goes cold after the injury and blood supply is damaged.

  • Ulcers

  • Urinary Problems in Cats

    • Causticum or Pulsatilla may be required for more chronic cases.

    • Cantharis is useful for acute attacks where there is much straining, pain and blood.

  • Vaccinations Reactions in Cats

    • Thuja is used if there is an obvious reaction to cat vaccinations.

  • Vomiting in Cats

    • Nux Vomica is used for vomiting caused by overeating, change in diet or rich food and for colitis induced by similar problems.

    • Phosphorus is also used for vomiting. It is useful where there is thirst for large quantities of water, but as soon as the fluid becomes warm in the stomach it is vomited back. If food is brought back, this happens soon after eating and is returned in large amounts and is mostly undigested. Phosphorus is a  constitutional type seen in cats that respond well to this remedy tend to be bouncy and bright, craving affection and company.

  • Weak Back Legs In Cats

    • Nux Vomica is indicated for strengthening weak back legs where there is a tendency to drag the feet and for low grade lower back pain.

    • Phosphorus is acts on the nerves and can help where there is nerve weakness affecting the back legs.

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