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Homeopathic Remedies for Vitiligo

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with symptoms of vitiligo and leucoderma. 
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What is Vitiligo?
is also known as leucoderma and is a relatively common skin disorder where white spots or patches appear on the skin. The most widely accepted view regarding vitiligo is that the depigmentation occurs because vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which a person's immune system reacts against the body's own organs or tissues.  People's bodies produce proteins called cytokines. In vitiligo, these alter the pigment-producing cells and cause these cells to die.  Only the color of the skin is affected by vitiligo, but texture and other skin qualities remain normal. The hair may also turn white that grows in areas affected by vitiligo.

Another theory is that melanocytes destroy themselves. This occurs when the melanocytes, cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function. The precise cause of vitiligo is complex and not fully understood. There is some evidence suggesting it is caused by a combination of auto-immune, genetic, and environmental factors.

Some people have a single event such as sunburn or emotional distress that triggered their vitiligo.

Homeopathic Remedies For Vitiligo

  • Arsenicum
    Chilly, fastidious.  Fear of disease.

  • Arsenicum Sulfuratum Flavum
    Discoloration of the skin in blotches that are pale or white in color. It is also a good remedy for eczematous lesions which are moist and have intense itching with corrosive discharge. Urticaria. Its sphere of action also extends to catarrhal affections and asthmatic states.

  • Bacillinum
    The person is suffer from chronic cold, cough. Loss in weight, loss of appetite, flat chested young boys and girls, prominent ribs . History of asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and even tuberculosis.

  • Carcinosin
    Carcinosin is a deep acting constitutional drug having many indications and a very broad spectrum of action. One of the commonly used medicines for diseases like vitiligo, urticaria, lichen planus, styes , hair loss, asthma, insomnia, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. Genetic predisposition or inherent susceptibility to autoimmune disease. Family history of cancer.

  • Graphites
    Obese person with a history of suppressed itch. Excessive cautiousness. Timid. Unable to decide  about anything. Fidgety while sitting at work. Sad, despondent; music makes her weep; thinks of nothing but death.

  • Hydrocotyle Asiatica
    Stimulates the process of pigmentation. Used for psoriasis, lupus, leprosy, acne and other disorders of the skin in which there is exfoliation of the skin. 

  • Kali Carbonicum
    One of the commonly used medicines for vitiligo, warts, eczema, urticaria, hair loss, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica and low backache, hypothyroidism, heavy menstrual bleeding. Useful for complaints of digestive system like acidity, piles, jaundice, gastritis, etc. Anxiety states.

  • Merc solubilus
    There is history of dysentery with mucus and blood. Jaundice with liver enlargement. Worse at night. Excessive salivation. Perspire in bed . Cannot tolerate too hot or too cold climate.

  • Natrum Muriaticum
    Useful for a wide range of disease processes affecting the skin, gastrointestinal organs, nose, lungs, kidney, metabolism, muscles, head, hormonal system, etc. Emotional reserved. History of grief.  Closed.  Craves salt. Worse from sun.

  • Nitricum acidum
    White spots are found at the muco-cutaneus junction. More at the angle of the mouth, eyes, nose, nipples, glans penis, vulva, etc. Along with it, there may be fissure at the same spot. Desire for eating chalk, pencils, etc., particularly in children. Influences the gastrointestinal tract, nerves, glands, skin, bones, etc.Commonly used remedies for vitiligo, warts, ulcers, fissures, gastritis, hemorrhoids, bony and rheumatic affections, malignancy.

  • Phosphorus
    Acts on the skin, gastrointestinal tract, hepato-biliary system, blood, kidneys, bones, lungs, nervous tissue. Loss of pigmentation in spots, white discoloration of the skin. Used for skin disorders where the person has much itching and burning of the skin; in urticaria, psoriasis. For bleeding spots occurring on the skin at various places.

  • Sepia
    Beside the usual white discoloration, these persons have irregular menses either early or late, scanty and painful menses. Aversion to breakfast. Motion sickness including nausea, vomiting or headache when travelling in a car or bus. Exhausted, but crave vigorous exercise, dancing ameliorates. Prefer to be alone.  Aversion to loved ones, irritable.

  • Silicea
    Tendency of easy suppuration of skin injuries. Silicea positively influences nutrition as well and it used for rickets in children. Complaints of eczema, herpes, urticaria, asthmatic bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, styes,  complaints of nails, tonsillitis.

  • Sulphur
    Sulphur is found in protein and it can serve to maintain skin health for vitiligo.  Used if there is history of suppression of skin diseases or any other suppression like suppressed diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, typhoid and in tropics many other fevers. There is heat in the palms, soles, eyes, anus, vulva, vagina and on the top of the head.  Generally hot person but could be chilly. Irritability and obstinacy is also noted.  Persons of nervous temperament, quick motioned, quick  tempered. Skin excessively sensitive to atmospheric changes. Standing is the worst position. Prone to skin affections. Skin is worse after a bath.

  • Syphilinum
    Very helpful remedy to combat hereditary syphilitic tendencies. Frequently used treating vitiligo, recurrent abscesses, neuralgia, alcohol dependence, rheumatic complaints.

  • Thuja
    Ailments from vaccination.
    Dreams of falling, startling in sleep. Warts on face or on the body. Loss of appetite after vaccination. History of tuberculosis or respiratory diseases. Suppressed or maltreated gonorrhea. Fixed ideas. Sensation as if a living animal were in abdomen; of being under the influence of a superior power.

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