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Syphilinum Nosode

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Syphilinum (Syph.) Nosode
(syphilis nosode)

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Syphilinum is useful in Autism, ADHD, PANDAS and other neurological disorders, along with other important polychrests.

Nosodes are powerful and deep acting. This nosode should not be taken without the professional guidance and supervision from a Homeopath professionally trained and experienced in their use.

  • The nosode is made from syphilis

  • It is used for chronic conditions such as asthma

  • Constipation

  • Fear of germs, fear of disease

  • Painful menstruation.

  • Inflammation of the iris.

  • Neuralgia.

  • Symptoms appear gradually and resolve slowly.

Syphilinum Poem by Jeremy Sherr

Syphilinum climbs
eagle soars
mountain summits
Iíll achieve more;

Up, up, up to the sun
striving to climb one more stair
top of the ladder
career and fame
another deep sigh
Iím almost there.

Perfect women
love Platinum men
the essence of falling
is climbing again,

for the kick that I get
at the peak of success
is nothing compared
with the sweet taste of death,

and the time tested way
to sink into pleasure
undertake much
succeed never,

jump from high windows
into dark nights
hitting rock bottom
through fear of heights,

love of dejection
savoring pain
resuming the journey
Iím climbing again,

which way up
what path down
top of Mount Sinai?
Golden calfís crown?

Icarus gliding
too close to the sun
is the pleasure in flying
or taking the plunge,

of duty and burden
which pull to the ground
uplifting music
heart breaking sound,

sweetly forsaken
by lovers long gone
stock market highs
intentions gone wrong,

raising hopes
that let me down
business disasters
mental decline,

condemning myself
above from below
excellent failures
seeking new lows,

excitement of travel
boredom of fun
sniffing more coke
wielding a gun,

aimed at my head
that hangs from a tree
as my body free falls
Iím down on my knees,

praying to god
salvation and doom
scorn of conceit
glory of gloom,

teachers gold star
romantic abortion
idealist theories
out of proportion;

Is mother a daughter?
Does hope live in lungs?
Are questions your answers?
Is hatred my love?

Are my eyes hemiopic?
Does vision divide?
Darkness ascending
setting sun rise,

sexual excitement
no rush of blood
testes retract
refuse to make love,

falling upwards
rising down
reversal of fortune
heart turns around,

abdominal pain
better from rising
uterus descending
blood pressure climbing,

rushing my crown
or surging to legs
joy of despair
dreams of the dead,

while deep below
worthless men mine
for the riches of element
seventy nine.

And all the Kings horses
and all the Queens men
couldnít put
the right way again.

But a single dose high
on the tip of the tongue
will turn life side up
and death side down.

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