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Fear and Homeopathy

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Homeopathy for Women

Fear and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with symptoms of fear and anxietyContact us to learn more!

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There are many common homeopathic remedies for fear and fright.  These remedies have been used for hundreds of years successfully to treat the person with the fear and replace the use of suppressive drugs including anxiety medications and antidepressants.  Some people may have fears as a result of ongoing anxiety, and others from PTSD.  The remedies below are a general list of helpful homeopathic remedies that are used for those with strong fears, anxiety and unrest in their emotional lives.

Homeopathic Remedies For Fear

  • Aconitum Napellus
    Panic disorders.  Panic attacks in the evening or for those who wake up with fright 1 2 hours after going to sleep. Tremendous fear of death.  Great anxiety after an accident.  Great anxiety for others, restlessness, fear of being in a crowded place and claustrophobia.

  • Agaracus
    Extreme fear of cancer and great anxiety about health.  Insignificant health issues are exaggerated causing great fear and anxiety.

  • Agnus Castus 
    Great anxiety about ones health. The person feels that when they get sick,  death is imminent.  Great fear of death.

  • Argentum Nitricum 
    Many fears. Used for someone who is very impulsive.  Claustrophobia, fear of heights, bridges, diseases, accidents, fainting, driving, elevators, theaters, airplanes and the fear of being late.  Anxiety about health and anxiety increases when alone.  The person feels better with company.  Anxiety while anticipating an upcoming event.

  • Arsenicum Album
    Major remedy for panic attacks.  Panic attacks are usually after midnight or between midnight and 2am.  Tremendous anxiety with great restlessness.  Anxiety about health and a despair about recovery when ill.  Great anxiety about other family members or close friends due to providing security base.  Proper, tense, worried and desires to be in control at all times.  Fears include disease, especially cancer, germs, robbers, poverty, evil, vomiting and insanity.

  • Borax
    Extreme fear of downward motion. Infants may scream when its being put down in its crib because of the downward motion.  Fear of escalators, descending stairs, elevators and even of rocking in a rocking chair because of the motion.

  • Bryonia
    Fears for this person will center around the future, poverty and financial ruin.  Extreme thirst. Physical complaints worse with movement or motion and better with rest.

  • Cannabis Indica
    Great anxiety and general fearfulness as well as panic attacks.  Fear of insanity andfear of losing control.  Fear that one will antidote their homeopathic remedy.

  • Kali Bromatum
    Fear and anxiety present as paranoia.  Indicated when fear centers around religious issues.  The person may feel singled-out for divine wrath and there may be a despair of salvation due to guilt.  Fear of insanity, being alone, fear of being poisoned and fear of being injured.  Night terrors may also = be present.

  • Magnesia Carbonica
    General anxiety that is present during the day but is better in the evening once one is in bed.  Peacemaker who wants to be sure everyone is getting along and is happy. Fear of violence and confrontations.  Great sensitivity to noise.

  • Magnesia Muriatic
    Similar to Magnesia carbonica, except  the anxiety is worse while in bed and better during the day.  Also indicated for someone who is a peacemaker and who does not like disagreements and confrontations.  Anxiety is generally worse while reading, in the evening and during menses.

  • Mancinella
    Fear of the dark, ghosts, insanity, evil and devils.  They may be tormented by their extreme fear of the dark.

  • Natrum Muriaticum
    Fear of robbers.  Used for those with a history of emotional pain or grief or disappointed love. Silent grief. Often are perfectionists, compassionate and sympathetic, but are very closed with whom they share their emotions and are very private. They are often thirsty and will crave salt with headaches worse 10am and consolation aggravates them.

  • Nitricum Acidum
    Great anxiety about health with a fear of cancer and death.  The person is very pessimistic in life.  There may be depression and anger toward life. Great irritability and peevishness.

  • Opium
    Homeopathic opium is used in complains from fright more than for the fright itself.  Indicated when fright leads to convulsions, tremors or insomnia.  Triggered by remembering what frightened and the symptoms return. Used after frightening child birth experiences or near death experiences. Used for those in a coma.

  • Phosphorus
    Many fears are indicated and the remedy is used for those who are generally open, excitable gullible, impressionable and suggestible.  Fears include being alone, death, the dark, thunderstorms, that something bad will happen, disease, the future, ghosts, insanity, robbers, insects, earthquakes and more.  Anxiety is raised when alone and is always better for the person when they are in the company of others.  They are affection, sympathetic types who love cold drinks, refreshing foods, salt, chocolate.

  • Silica
    For those who have a lack of self-confidence (see also Lycopodium and Carcinosin).  Fears and anxieties will center around performance, such as stage fright.  Anxiety arises over small details and from noise.  The anxiety feels paralyzing.  There is also a fear of pins, needles, knives and other sharp objects.

  • Stramonium
    This remedy has many fears that will usually be accompanied by rage and anger if this remedy is needed.  There is fear of violent death.  Fear of the dark is so intense that one must sleep with the light on.  There also may be a fear of water, including submerging head in water, even in the shower.  Other fears include animals, dogs, mirrors, reflecting objects, disease, ghosts, injury, suffocation and claustrophobia.  Fright will stay with someone who needs this remedy for a long time, especially if it was a violent fright, such as a car accident.  Night terrors may also be present and may include waking up shrieking or screaming out in sleep.  There may also be violent behavior.

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