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Autism and Homeopathy

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Autism and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are a drug-free option for children diagnosed with Autism. Contact us to learn more!

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Tips For Using Homeopathy
How To Speed up the Healing Process
Setting Realistic Expectations
How Long Does Homeopathy Take to Work?
How Does Homeopathy Help Recover A Child with Autism?
Keys To Success with Homeopathic Care
Videos To Watch:
What Role Does Homeopathy Play In Autism
What Really Causes Autism
Autism Epidemic is Epigenetic
Fran Sheffield Interview On Autism and Homeopathy


Tips For Using Homeopathic Care For Autism

We have many years of experience and professional training working with children with ADD/ADHD, autism (ASD), SPD, Tourette's Syndrome, PANDAS, PANS and other related diagnoses as well as emotional and behavioral issues. The homeopathic care of such children means treating each child as a total individual, with a unique life story regardless of their "diagnosis" is.

What Does Homeopathy Offer?
Homeopathic remedies by their very nature offer each individual a slower, gentle, global (body, mind, spirit) recovery path.
Treating a child with autism (ASD) is always a complicated and time consuming process that requires:

  • A deep commitment of both parents for a natural, drug free approach to recovery using homeopathic medicine.

  • Patience of both the parents and the Homeopath.

  • Time to manifest gains made - at least one year is needed of homeopathic care in most cases

  • Expert homeopathic prescribing and guidance, knowing when to change a remedy and when to increase a potency.

  • Advanced detoxification techniques that are most compatible with often sensitive children including CEASE therapy and HDT

  • Diligent case management.

  • Parent's intellectual responsibility to report on progress, symptoms and energy shifts in order to help the Homeopath manage the direction and speed of a child's progress rapidly toward recovery.

Information To Speed up the Healing Process

  1. Dietary changes - gluten free and dairy free diets can be very helpful especially for the first 30 - 90 days to reduce gut inflammation

  2. Hair testing for toxic heavy metals and nutritional balances that need to be address.

  3. Nutritional rebalancing through key supplements is critical to the process.

  4. Reduction of all ongoing all exposures to heavy metals and environmental toxins.

  5. Genetic testing for MTHFR can be helpful to understand genetic influences for the child with autism.

Setting Realistic Expectations:

There Are No "Short Cuts" to Lasting Progress in the Homeopathic Care for Autism

  • A single dose of any homeopathic remedy will not fully recover a child with autism or any other diagnosis. 

  • In our practice, we use several methods of case analysis simultaneously.
    This helps to guide us to the best possible remedies for the active miasm of the case.

  • Many layers are involved in recovery.  
    A new remedy may or may not be needed once new symptoms are revealed and a case evolves.

  • Long term care is required for lasting gains and recovery.

  • Careless, unprofessional and or self-prescribing in high, dry or repetitive dosing, particularly that of nosodes can derail progress or block it completely.

  • Homeopathy makes use of a well prescribed simillimum given, with one remedy at a time that best matches the symptoms of the case.

  • Parents seeking gains and recovery must carefully Ask Questions and AVOID the use of these pseudo-homeopathic methods.

  • Many desperate parents are easily confused by Homeopathic Practitioners who use "Sequential Therapy" where they follow rigorous rules of certain remedies, always given in a certain order for all vaccinated children with the same diagnoses.

  • The excessive and/or indiscriminate use of nosodes, which are powerful and deep acting is unwise.

  • Non-scientific homeopathic dosing methods that not based on the Hahnemannian principles such as "Pillow Dosing" or "muscle testing" to select remedies or "angelic dosing" or other non-classical methods are not used by us.

How Long Does Homeopathy Take to Work?

  • There is no way of promising, knowing or predicting the type of progress any person will make with homeopathy. 

  • Most of our cases make a 70-75% recovery in 12 - 18 months if directions are followed precisely and diligently.

  • Some cases can make extraordinary initial gains and then plateau over time for slower improvements over time. 

  • Other cases will make slow and steady continuous progress

  • Others may show "zig zag" type progress with homeopathy.  

  • Each person reacts unique and individually to homeopathy and this is both the miraculous beauty and the complicated nature of homeopathic care!

How Does Homeopathy Help Recover A Child with Autism - or Anyone with Health Challenges?

  • Homeopathic care is always individualized to each person.

  • We often use the analogy of "peeling the onion" to help parents best understand the recovery cycle as a whole.

  • We look at their timeline, energy pattern, their unique life story. We look at geral health and symptoms, unusual symptoms and issues, family medical history, the details and impact of the intra-uterine story and the active miasm expressed as a part of the total nature and personality.

  • Homeopathic recovery of autism and other diagnoses requires that the various "layers" that have been energetically created and show up as various disease(s) or dysfunctions be removed. 

  • We begin homeopathic care only after a careful analysis of the core energy of a person, which is often based in the intra uterine events or any trauma that occurred. 

  • We look carefully at the miasmatic history of the case, in order to identify the active miasm of the case.

  • We look carefully at the complete family medical history including the birth control pill use by the mother, steroid use, antibiotic use, medications prescribed and vaccines given to the client.

  • We get as much information as possible to understand the person's total symptoms, including their physical characteristics, quirks, personality, likes, dislikes, desires, their  behaviors, their emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

  • We look at various ongoing stresses to the mind and body from the present time, going backwards.  

What Are The Keys To Success  Involved with Homeopathic Recovery?

  • A strong commitment by the parents to the philosophies of homeopathy and the use homeopathy as the main modality for recovery.

  • Other modalities can be used at certain points with the discretion and timing, at the recommendation of your Homeopath.

  • A complete FAMILY AND MEDICAL HISTORY to determine the active miasm present based on the genetic history of the family.

  • The pre-natal and birth story in detail, whenever possible,

  • A detailed TIMELINE of key life events, including family events, traumas, major changes, divorce, deaths, etc.

  • Homeopathic care of the mother (parents) AT THE SAME TIME AS THE CHILD IS VERY HELPFUL.  We do the the same thorough analysis of a parent's case(s).

  • Diet is important to detoxification pathways, as well as nutritional rebalancing with key nutritional supplements.

  • On-going regular updates and responsible observations, tracking and reporting by the parent(s) to the Homeopath are required. 

  • Parent(s) must be able to diligently observe, track and report to the Homeopath key changes in physical symptoms, reactions to the remedies, new personality developments, acute illnesses, and changes in emotional, behavioral and developmental characteristics.

  • The Homeopath will also want to know about any dreams.

  • Success with homeopathy is ultimately the result of a mutually respectful relationship with your Homeopath, one built on a trust in the proven, healing power of homeopath for the common goal of helping to recover the client.

What Role Does Homeopathy Play In Autism
from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine
(7:35 minutes)


What Really Causes Autism? by Dr. Bill Walsh
(3:59 minutes)


Autism Epidemic is Epigenetic by Dr. Bill Walsh
(2:26 minutes)


Fran Sheffield Interview On Autism and Homeopathy
(1:39 minutes)




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