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Vaccine Detox Program

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Vaccine Detox Program

Homeopathic remedies will help to provide an effective, natural support for a vaccine detox of any vaccine(s) in any combination given at any age.
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Read About The Vaccine Injury Prevention Program


Vaccine Detox Program for any recent or past vaccine injury, at any age.  The Vaccine Detox Program is highly effective and uses homeopathic detox methods and mineral rebalancing to remove injected toxins and heavy metals.  The Vaccine Detox Program takes a minimum of 3 to 4 consecutive months to detox one  vaccine. Pediatric vaccines can often be detoxed all together, in about 3 to 6 months.

Vaccine Detox Programs are available for infants, children and adults with vaccine injuries or adverse reactions to any single vaccine or a combination of vaccines. Detox programs are available for a vaccine(s) given at any time  in the past, at any age.

Our services for Vaccine Detox Programs is available for clients living in the USA. We are experts with 10+ years of clinical experience in reversing vaccine injuries and autism symptoms using advanced homeopathic methods. Homeopathic detox protocols, hair testing and targeted nutrient supports. homeopathic detox methods are highly effective in helping the body to reduce and remove injected vaccine toxins.  The results are  improved health, reduced symptoms of toxicity and improved overall immune system function.

About The Vaccine Detox Program

  • The Vaccine Detox Program (VDT) is for those those with prior adverse reactions to one or more vaccines and/or an autism diagnosis.
  • There are limited enrollments available each month.
  • The cost for the online Course and initial 1.5 private Skype consultation with the expert Homeopathic Practitioner trained in vaccine injury recovery methods is $649 per family plus $250 per month for 1 child, $350 for 2 children, $450 for 3 or children, all in the same family household.
  • The monthly fee is for ongoing expert supervision and email based consultation services and support by email.
  • Additional time is added for another stand alone vaccine(s) such as MMR, if a separate detox is needed. The MMR or MMR-II is done as a separate vaccine detox if there was a marked regression after this vaccine was given.
  • The Vaccine Detox Program requires a minimum of 3 to 4 months with ongoing monthly supervision fees to complete it.
  • The program covers a broad range of various types of health issues connected to vaccine toxins, including having a ADHD, Autism, PANDAS/PANS diagnoses, emotional issues, gastrointestinal issues, neurological dysfunctions and immune system functions.
  • Vaccines that can be detoxed in this program including any combination of:
    • DTaP
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • HIB
    • Gardasil
    • Influenza
    • Meningitis
    • Military (including Anthrax)
    • MMR and MMR II – Measles, Mumps, Rubella
    • MMR-V – Measles, Mumps, Rubella + Varicella
    • Pneumococcal
    • Polio
    • RhoGAM injections
    • Rotavirus
    • Shingles
    • Tetanus - Tdap,Td
    • Varicella
    • Vitamin K injections
    • plus others
  • Also included the Vaccine Detox Program are tropical vaccines for Japanese Encephalitis, Small Pox, Yellow Fever and others.
  • The  fees do not include the cost of the required nutritional supplements or homeopathic remedies.
  • The Program includes an 2.5 hour online Course that goes over exact Homeopathic Detox Protocols in specific detail, taught by an expert in Vaccine Injury Detox in the USA.
  • Written dosing instructions are provided and a detailed tracking sheet is also provided for tracking doses and progress in this program.
  • The Course includes expert advise of a Homeopathic Practitioner who is a specialist in vaccine detox protocols and  vaccine injury prevention with 500+ cases of vaccine related injuries in 10+ year of practice experience.
  • You also have access to a Vaccine Calculator and access to purchase the required homeopathic remedies. 
  • This  program requires ongoing supervision by a trained Homeopath in vaccine detox methods.

What Is Involved With The Vaccine Detox Program?

  • The homeopathic detox remedies that are used for a vaccine injury are 100% non-toxic. Remedies are used to help the body detox the vaccine ingredients and excipients that caused the original damage or injury.
  • This method of Vaccine Detox has been used to provide help the body reverse vaccine injury or vaccine damage and reduce the harmful overall effects of a vaccine or combination of vaccines.
  • A minimum of 3 months (12 weeks) is normally needed to clear a single vaccine.  However, the childhood vaccines as a combination can also be detoxed in this time frame.
  • Constitutional homeopathy is also used to support the detox pathways  for a more efficient process.
  • Specific nutrient therapies are included in the Vaccine Detox Program simultaneously to increase essential nutrients that are missing or severely low in those with vaccine injuries.
  • Additional therapeutic detoxification methods are also used to support the body to detox heavy metals and the toxic ingredients of the vaccines are also used.
  • HTMA – hair tissue mineral analysis is also recommended in order to see exactly what is going on at a tissue mineral level for 34 essential minerals, 8 heavy metals and 7 significant mineral ratios that identify overall health status.
  • Genetic tests may also be included in some cases, to determine methylation patterns via saliva testing to identify genetic factors involved in vaccine damage or injury.

Testimonials From Vaccine Detox Program Clients

"Teddy (age 2.5) is continuing to thrive in his speech! Everyone we know and that sees him is absolutely amazed with his progress. We are so so happy and relieved. I am no longer stressed about him and his future or his needs which is great."

Mom of 4, Pennsylvania, USA



"Aiden is doing really well. We are still waiting on 1 molar to come in, but the rashes are SLOWLY disappearing!! It’s pretty incredible. He still has small/light patches of dry skin and light redness, but he is not as bothered by those areas as he was. I’m so grateful for your help and thankful that it’s finally almost gone!"

Mom with Gardasil before conception, of toddler with full body eczema, New York, USA.


"I’ve been using homeopathy for the past few years for acute settings in my family, however I needed more assistance and guidance with helping my daughter with her anxiety. Teodora is a 20 years orld and she was fully vaccinated (prior to learning about homeopathy) She had anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, dysmenorrhea, insomnia, dizziness. After a consultation with Kari J. Kindem, CFHom we started the protocol for Gardasil Detox, and I’m glad we did!

Within six weeks on the protocol and supplements recommended I saw tremendous change in my daughter. Her insomnia has completely gone, her menstrual cycle has improved (no cramps and blood clots), her anxiety and OCD has improved and she is able to handle stress much better.

Kari has been so helpful throughout this process not just with homeopathy, but for my emotional support as well I am forever grateful for all her help and for sure will stay in contact for any further assistance needed."

Mom of 2 adult daughters, New York, USA


My daughter was born in December of 2015 in Michigan, USA. Her delivery was very normal and she was born without complications. Her first year of birth, she was progressing perfectly. She slept well and drank breast milk without any issues. She received her vaccination shots as per doctor’s advise, sometimes **up to 4 on a single day on both her thighs**. Shortly after her first year shots, she developed extreme constipation, doctors brushed that as off as because of introducing milk. 1 month after, she received in advance her 18 months shots and she REGRESSED HORRIBLY.

She did not speak a single word between 18-24 months. Due to her frustration in not able to express herself she also started to head bang, she was lost in her own world, not responding to her name, toe-walking. The pediatrician referred her for an autism diagnosis soon after. It is every parent’s worst fear and sadly is very, very common now due to the influx of vaccine toxins into fragile body and minds.

Soon we started bio-medical approach and started her with day care and speech therapy, we supplemented her with vitamins and she developed a few words. She had a lot of issues in communication, interacting with peers, not answering questions, not potty trained among other issues. She has no digestive issues and eats and drinks everything without any discomfort.

We heard about homeopathy care for autism, CEASE therapy and found this website and contacted the Practitioner. She did a initial evaluation of my daughter according to her temperament and we started with vaccine detox. The therapy has improved her TREMENDOUSLY!

She improved in her social skills, eye contact, speech and interaction with others and memory. Most importantly she was potty trained during the day finally at 3.5 years. She initiates conversation with us, plays with us and other children, has imaginative play. Also she has a LOT more vocabulary now. She talks continuously and also has learnt a few words in our language. We would have never though she would develop words in a second language! We did not imagine she had a talkative personality!!

We like the fact that there are no side effects and the detox is gentle for her and we see results in short cycles of 12 weeks. We are on our second detox cycle, and we are continuously seeing progress. We hope to help our daughter lead a normal life. Thank you very much for giving us hope for the future.”

Mother of an Indian preschool girl, California, USA


“We are thrilled with his progress!  He is a sweet, lovable, funny guy.  We are so hopeful for him and his future.  He will have a chance at life – when it matters.  These days, his childhood is happy.  His healing journey is steadily trucking along.  He’s a little onion with many, many layers.  They’re peeling back, though!”

Mother of vaccine injured 6 year old with Autism, Alabama, USA.


“She is doing really well. She is calling us whenever she wants, trying to spend more time with us. Eye contact has improved. When she has mood for it, she can communicate for long periods of time. Responding to name has improved. Back in December 2018, I remember my in-laws ask me to stay in room and wait till she calls me. I stayed in room but she never called me. Now in August, she is calling us “Mama”, Papa” very very frequently. Her vocabulary has improved a lot. Words like “I am not able to find it”, “amazing”, “can you fix this for me”, “put this up the wall”. Singular and plural, “both” etc. She is almost potty trained. She wears diapers only when sleeping even in day care.”

Mother of a girl age 3.5 Milpitas, California, USA.


“I appreciate all the support you have given us this past year for my children’s vaccine injuries.  Your program goes above and beyond that of any Practitioner we had ever worked with.  We will forever be grateful!”

Mother of two children with vaccine reactions, Arizona, USA.


“He’s done so well now that they are retesting him next week to probably graduate him out of the physical therapy program. He was supposed to be in it for 6 months and we’re less than 3 months in!”

Mother of vaccine injured toddler, Florida, USA.


“My daughter is no longer a “problem child”. She’s just a child, and a healthy one too! I know that homeopathy, and expert usage of it, is what has brought her to where she is today. Most impressive, though, is her attitude and maturity.  She is happy, socially successful, well directed, and a hard worker.”

Mother of vaccine injured ADHD girl, Louisiana, USA.


“Our son is back to us, the way God created him to be before the toxic chemicals ravaged his body.  His life is forever changed because we put our faith in the ability of homeopathy to guide his body through the healing process.”

Mother of boy with Autism, Alabama, USA.


“She is progressing in her recovery well. She is potty trained during the day for both no 1 and no 2. She is using a lot more words and is getting more expressive. More playful with pet, more social with peers.”

Mother of toddler girl with injuries after childhood vaccines, Texas, USA.


"Thank you for the healing, it helped her tremendously. She is going to normal Montessori school and I don't hear any complaints from teachers"

Parents of a girl with injuries after childhood vaccines, California, USA.



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