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Thanksgiving Remedies
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Homeopathy for Women

Thanksgiving Homeopathic Remedies For Your Holiday Celebration!

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"I am so thankful for Homeopathy....
it is one of the greatest blessings we have, for its natural healing power!"


Thankful for friends and family
....but if all the preparations have really exhausted you, consider Sepia.

Thankful for hugs and kisses
...but if you just caught someone's sore throat with swollen glands, consider

Thankful for the turkey, stuffing and all the rest
...but if you overindulged in way too much food or drink consider Nux vomica.

Thankful for the beautiful Fall weather
....but if aches and pains arrive with it, better with warmth and massage, consider Rhus tox.

Thankful for a big, hot oven to cook the delicious meal in
...but if you got a bad burn taking things out of the oven, consider Cantharis.

Thankful for cheerful helpers in the kitchen
...but if someone cuts themselves carving the turkey and they are bleeding, consider

Thankful for those special visitors
...but if someone very special missed their plane and you're in tears with disappointment, consider Ignatia amara.

Thankful for the delicious food
...but if you ate something that wasn't quite right and suspect food poisoning and have diarrhea, consider Arsenicum.

Thankful for the BIG turkey platter, that gets used only once a year
...but if was dropped on you and your foot is bruised and swelling, consider Arnica.

Thankful for a day filled with joy, memories and family celebration
...but if you just can't fall asleep after all the fun, with eyes are wide open, consider Coffea.

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May You Enjoy a Blessed & Healthy Thanksgiving with Family and Friends!

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