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Skin Rashes

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Homeopathy for Women

Skin Rashes and Issues and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies will effectively and quickly treat skin issues and rashes from many causes. 
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Homeopathy has a wide variety medicines for treating skin problems! Skin rashes and allergies can be treated effectively without suppressive drugs that mask symptoms and push the disturbances deeper.   The skin is the body's largest organ and does significant detoxification work.  Issues on the skin have a strong connection to the liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) and represent and "external exit" for liver and other toxins.  As the skin heals, we know that the internal disturbances have been removed first, and then the skin follows.  Natural skin healing with homeopathy takes time and patience is needed when using homeopathy for skin issues.

Homeopathic Remedies For Skin Rashes and Skin Issues

  • Arsenicum
    Useful for many of the skin problems where the skin is thickened like in chronic uriticaria, psoriasis and chronic eczema. People suffering from these conditions experience swelling along with itching and burning sensations. It also treats nettle rash and pimples.

  • Cantharis
    Cantharis is used to treat burns or skin conditions that resemble burns. Useful in sunburn, blisters, skin eruptions and insect bites. For blister formation and searing pain. Pain in second or third degree burns. If applied on unbroken skin, in case of a burn, it promptly relieves pain and often prevents blistering. If the skin is broken, it can be administered externally with boiled or distilled water.

  • Graphites
    For moist scruffy eruptions on the scalp, face, bends of joints, between fingers and behind the ears. Cracked corners of the mouth and eyes. There is bleeding and release of a sticky, honey-like, thick discharge. For dry and itchy skin; brittle hair that tends to fall off and other such related symptoms.

  • Natrum muriaticum
    For eczema. Relief from mental stresses that manifest as physical symptoms due to grief and disappointment, being resentful, dwelling on past unhappy instances, fears of rejection.

  • Nitricum acidum
    Treats ulcers with profuse granulations (crystallizing), ragged and zigzag and often raised edges, vascular bleeding, blisters and ulcers in mouth, tongue, genitals that bleed easily. Fissures, pain during bowel movement, excessive physical irritability.

  • Pulsatilla
    Rashes with profuse menses or scanty menses or rashes due to gastric or uterine problems. Diarrhea may also accompany these rashes. Nettle rash which is worse at the beginning of winter, as well as itching when exposed to air. Useful for acne.

  • Rhus Toxicodendron
    For eczema where the skin is covered with numerous vesicular eruptions. Skin is tching, tingling, swelling. Worse at night, during winter and in damp weather. Cold air aggravates the issue. Warmth and moisturizing provides some temporary relief. Get worse and become uriticaria and herpes, if not treated on time.

  • Sepia
    Herpes eruptions are treated by this remedy.  Herpetic eruptions around the bends of joints, knees and ankles, behind the ears. Starts of dryand then it turns moist and releases discharge. Brownish spots on the skin, yellow spots and liver spots. For eczema on hands, as well as dry, rough and chapped skin. Treats psoriasis.

  • Sulphur
    #1 skin remedy!
    Has a powerful ability to push out to the surface and to bring symptoms to the surface. There is a burning aggravation resulting from washing. Soreness and itching in the folds of the skin. Skin is rough and coarse. Itching in the scalp, hair falling out, deficient growth of nails Treats psoriasis and eczema as well as acne.

  • Thuja Occidentalis
    The main action is on the skin and genito-urinary organs. It has a specific antibacterial action that helps in treating acne, blackheads, whiteheads. Very useful for warts and acne. Helps the body to get rid of scaly patches, itchy skin and brown age spots. It treats the skin in case of papulo-vesiculo-pustulur eruptions. Treats tubercles, warts, epithelioma, naevi, carbuncles; ulcers, especially in ano-genital region as well as freckles and dry skin.

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