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Autism and MMR Vaccine Injury Recovery Story!

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Autism and MMR Vaccine Injury Recovery With Homeopathy: Boy, Age 5

Testimonial written by his mother, Wisconsin, USA
May 21, 2012

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"He is now 5 1/2 and is able to write all his letters, read, and do simple math.  He can ride his bike, run, jump, and play with all his friends in their endeavors.  We are also able to have him eat anything because his stomach was healed after many enzymes and probiotics."

"It was the best news we could have received!  After suffering from my first miscarriage, we found out we were going to be given another covenant child from God.  Pregnancy was difficult as I had a job as a waitress, and was very sick and very nauseous everyday and all day.  Every doctor's appointment was said to have gone well.  I was told it was a normal pregnancy.   I was just unfortunate to have so much sickness.

Our son was born in the fall of 2006.  Labor was very difficult.   I was diagnosed with Strep B.   The doctors said it was a dangerous bacteria to have as it could cause meningitis, death, and cerebral palsy.  So after receiving six to eight bags of penicillin and over 30 hours of labor, the doctors broke my water.  Our son was out of amniotic fluid for over 16 hours, and I came down with a 102 degree fever.  I also received an epidural that stopped working after so many hours.  Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, our son was born.  He was a beautiful red-headed and very white baby!  The very next day, our son was taken to the NICU because his blood levels were extremely high.  He spent the next nine days there, receiving antibiotics for a severe blood infection.

After his recovery, we had him home for several weeks with great milestones.  He was developing normally according to his well child check-ups.  He was saying "mama, dada," he knew animal sounds, and was just a happy baby.  Around his 15 month check-up, our son received his MMR shot.  Within several months he lost all his words, couldn't walk right, and lost almost all his functions on the left side of his body.  It was like his brain had a stroke, and he could only use the left side of his body.  He wouldn't sleep through the night anymore and he became afraid of men.  We couldn't go anywhere at night, because he would scream as it was breaking his routine.  He began crying and screaming for attention, and for the things he wanted.  I remember having to run around trying to find what it was that he wanted.  He became a very frustrated child who never smiled anymore.  It broke our hearts as his parents, and we wondered what happened to our little boy.

Our son was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism at age 2.  He was assessed formally from our public school district.  He was delayed in speech, fine motor planning, and social issues.  He had many quirks like always wearing a hat and he repeated everything we did or said.  His play consisted of rolling cars just to see the wheels turn, and only paged through books.

He had many social issues.  He screamed if anyone new came over, and he wouldn't "play" with anyone.  He had no imaginary play at all.  He was a very emotional and sensitive child.  He easily cried at anything even if you looked at him funny!

Our son is the oldest of 3 children, but he totally ignored anything his siblings did.

Our son also had difficulty with foods.  He couldn't have anything gluten or any dairy products.  His gut was full of bad bacteria that made his body impossible to digest healthy foods.  His bowel system was a mess which made him feel awful as well.  It didn't help his attitude, sleep, or overall well-being.  We found out he had a very high bacteria in his bowel system called clostridium which affects speech.  Our son was receiving organic whole foods, but his body couldn't digest the proper nutrition in them.  The gut is the second brain of the body.  When the stomach isn't working properly, the brain won't be either.

Our son's speech and language was difficult.  He didn't talk again until 2 months shy of his fourth birthday.  He couldn't even form his mouth to say anything because he couldn't plan how to move his mouth.  He is a very smart boy, he just  couldn't get anything out because his fine motor planning wasn't developed. So at 3 3/4 years old, our son couldn't talk, write, dress himself, or even play at age level.

After much research and talking with family members, we found homeopathy.  We were so desperate at this point to help our son, because we were not getting any help from the medical field at all.  We were told we were crazy to think that our son was vaccine induced into autism and received no guidance in where to go for help.  So after much prayer, God led us to this natural way to help our son.  Thanks be to God for answering our prayers through use of homeopathy!  We found Kari J. Kindem, CCH, and we were so impressed, we knew we had to go on this journey with her.

We observed many changes throughout our son's recovery process.   Our son began his chronic remedy in April of 2011.  Within the first 3 months he began talking, was overall happier, and went back to sleeping through the night.  His sleep was deeper, and I was finally getting a full night's rest again.  This was the first time in four years!  He began to play with his siblings and actually causing fights!  We also noticed he finally had some pretend play. He started pretending he was "swiper the fox", and would bother his sister by taking away her baby.  Now you might say that isn't nice, which is wasn't!  He was finally interacting with his sister and this is what we were so excited about!

Around four to six months of using homeopathy, we noticed our son didn't need naps anymore thus showing he was feeling better and had more energy.  He was also becoming more independent.  He began getting dressed himself, became fully potty trained (even at night), and his attention span was getting longer. 

After seven to nine months, we noticed he started becoming a social little boy.  We were at church one Sunday, and he began talking to elderly people in our church.  He was telling them stories about his baby brother!  We couldn't believe he was starting to play with other kids at church as well.  We also noticed he could adjust to something new, even though it was breaking his routine.  This made things so much easier and fun for the entire family.

During the last 3 months of his care, we saw that his fine motor skills and planning were picking up.  He is now 5 1/2 and is able to write all his letters, read, and do simple math.  He can ride his bike, run, jump, and play with all his friends in their endeavors.  We are also able to have him eat anything because his stomach was healed after many enzymes and probiotics. 

Our son started as a quiet, non-talking, non-playing, screaming and frustrated boy that couldn't eat "normal" foods.  After homeopathy he is happy, talkative, learning, and able to eat anything with no problems.  We got him tested at our local home school building, and he is at a kindergarten to first grade level.  He is above average in several areas for his age.  We as his parents believe God gave us homeopathy as a primary medical modality to help recover our son.  God gave us an all natural means to help him.  We give all the glory to God for being the Great Physician.  And we are ever so thankful He sent Kari into our lives as a means and tool to help us on our journey of homeopathy.

We rest in the words of Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, faith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end."  God gave us an end.  He gave us our son back!

We are a family from the Midwest, USA.  We love and follow the Good Shepherd and have a very long line of conservative values in our family."

Comments On This Case by the Homeopath

Published by Kari J. Kindem, CCH, CFHom, CHP, Homeopathic Detox Therapy, HTMA Practitioner

This child was formally diagnosed with autism at age 2. His health and immune system was negatively impacted by the birth trauma of his mother and the early use of antibiotics given shortly after birth.  He was vaccine injured by his MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccination at age 15 months resulted in the loss of speech, loss of motor control, left sided paralysis and other developmental delays.  He recovered using homeopathy in 12 months.

Case Intake: This child's chronic case was taken using a classical homeopathy methods. I used various case analysis methods that I am trained in to help confirm this child's active miasm.  A miasm is most simply defined as a person's inherited disease group that is passed on from their ancestors.   With his mother's assistance, I took this boy's full homeopathic case.

I took his full life history, his medical history and the family medical history.  I also obtained detailed data of his personality, his likes and dislikes, mental symptoms, body thermals, weather preferences, sleep patterns and his food desires and/or aversions.  The child's social behaviors, developmental delays  and "quirks" were also identified.  These "head-to-toe" symptoms were all gathered for a detailed chronic case intake, which is necessary in all good homeopathic prescribing.  Then, the strongest symptoms were repertorized using professional homeopathic software. The intake process for this case is the same process, procedure and information that I carefully gather for each chronic case in my practice. I combine several methods of case analysis to determine the active miasm of each case.

Prescription and Dosing: Using this process, this child's constitutional remedy was identified.  This child's simillimum (what I call the "bulls-eye remedy") was dosed in water, in very small amounts daily.  For each dose, succussions to the remedy bottle were done prior to slightly increase the potency in order to obtain a more rapid recovery.  The same remedy was dosed daily in water for the entire 1 year period.  I moved to high potencies of the remedy as the child was able to accept them and showed signs of needing them.  Remedy preparation and dosing in water was done according to Hahnemann's water dosing methods of the 5th and 6th Organon.

Choice of Potency:  I  choose the best remedy potency for each case, either on the C scale or LM potency and I most often dose it in water.  My remedy potency choice for each case always all depends on many factors.  This includes the client's intake data, their miasm, my case analysis and the person's age and sensitivity level. I always consider past suppression including allopathic medication, antibiotic use and vaccinations, as well as the remedy's action. The client's overall sensitivity level is a very important part of the potency selection as well. I will climb the C scale and the LM scale as a client's responses indicate that they are ready to do so.  When a remedy is the simillimum and it is working well and gains are continuous and holding, I will stay with the simillimum and for many doses.  I believe that the key to success in my practice is repeating the dose in water daily and long enough to continue the improvements and stabilize the Vital Force with the remedy's energy.

Case Management: Working successfully with any autistic or ASD spectrum child requires very close and frequent follow-up contact between me and the parents on a regular basis.  During the entire 12 months of care, there were first weekly, then bi-weekly and always monthly follow-ups done by both email and skype consultation with the mother.  This was necessary in order monitor the boy's reaction to the remedy and improvements that indicated the case was moving in the "Direction of Cure". I requested careful reporting to the questions I provided in order to make appropriate decisions as to any changes in the remedy, the dose amount, the remedy potency and other factors regarding the boy's prescriptions over the year.  The boy was observed by me during our initial and during each most monthly consultation via skype. His mother provided her detailed notes, observations and feedback on her son's case throughout the period.

Acute Care: As with all children, a few occasional acutes arose for this boy and these were also treated with homeopathy as well by me.   All acute remedies were prescribed using classical homeopathy methods and were also dosed in water like the chronic remedy was.  His mother began to observe over the months of chronic care that her son was "much less sick than in previous periods" and even compared to her two other younger children, who were not under chronic care.

No Other Interventions Were Used: No other allopathic interventions of any type were used at all during the 12 month period.  This included no over the counter medication, prescription drugs, etc. 

Supplements: Daily probiotics were added to support digestive and over-all immune system health.  His probiotics were selected and given based on the results of the boy's stool test.

Diet: This child was on a GF/CF gluten free/casein free diet on the mother's initiative for about 2 years prior to beginning and during homeopathic care until food intolerances were removed. Once improvements were made, and his gut was healed, she slowly introduced to those foods back into his diet.

This child was on his constitutional remedy for 12 months to establish the level of gains reported below. He started chronic care on 4/12/11 and completed chronic care on 4/30/12.  His recovery from autism unfolded beautifully, gently and steadily during these 12 months on his simillimum remedy. The story above by his mother documents the profound improvements she observed in her son during the year.  This boy is now free from the diagnosis of autism.....with the help of homeopathy!

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