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Wound Care and Homeopathy

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Homeopathy for Women

Wound Care and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with wounds and wound infections to heal.  
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Homeopathic Remedies for Wound Care and Wound Healing


  • For wounds due to injury especially blunt injuries.
  • The wound or injured area looks bluish or blackish.
  • Helps halt suppuration and septic conditions and to promote absorption.
  • Injuries to head that lead to meningitis and apoplexy, resulting in left sided paralysis.
  • The bad effects of injuries received years ago are still treated effectively with it!
  • Sore lame and bruised feeling as if, beaten all over the body.
  • Great tenderness.
  • Oversensitive to touch and also afraid of being touched.
  • Internal heat in the upper parts of the body and coldness in lower parts.


  • For wounds, pains in the injured parts with numbness of the region.
  • Muscles in the wounded area go in to spasms and the person is unable to move those parts.
  • Due to trauma, the blood vessels are ruptured and there is regional hematoma.
  • With the traumatic pain the person also has numbness of brain and profuse sweating of face.
  • When there is trauma and the person is unable to visualize the objects.


  • The wounds appear jagged. There are injuries which lead to neuritis especially from lacerated wounds. There may be rupture of muscle or tendon.
  • Injuries with or without loss of soft parts.
  • There is penetration of articulation with loss of synovial fluid.
  • For the clean cut of lacerated wounds; the wound may lead to ulceration.
  • The ulcer from the wound is irritable and inflamed.
  • Pains as if bitten. 
  • Tendency for excessive secretion of pus. 
  • Gangrene from neglected offensive wounds.


  • For wounds due to mechanical injuries as blunt trauma or due to fall or blunt hit to muscles or abdominal viscera or spines; spinal cord etc.
  • Neuritis or inflammatory condition of nerves with severe shooting burning and tearing pain radiating along the nerves.
  • Can be a loss of sensation or numbness.
  • Affected part is swollen inflamed and red and has dry shiny edge with burning tearing shining and shooting pain and it has very poor tendency to heal.
  • Acts well on the injuries caused by sharp instruments, where the nerve roots are exposed.
  • Injuries to spine and coccyx results in the sprain or tingling sensation in extremities.
  • For mechanical injury and injury to spine radiating to the other parts of the body as extremities, back, limbs  etc.
  • If old wounds open with severe stinging burning and shooting pains.
  • Inflammatory condition of nerves due to injury especially on finger nails, tip of fingers; nerves are inflamed with great pain.


  • Useful in for wounds which are caused by injuries due to sharp pointed objects as nails, rat bite, mosquito bite, stings of insects and punctured wounds.
  • The wounded parts characteristically feel cold to touch but not to the person.
  • There is swellingand bruising of the parts changing from blue to black and to green.


  • Excellent medicine for wound with tendency to ulceration, injuries with aching and soreness.
  • Pains fly from one part to another part like an electric shock.
  • Person is restlessness and has exhaustion and prostration.
  • Injuries of fibrous tissue muscles.
  • The injuries may lead to tetanus.


  • It is used for greatly sensitive wounds.
  • There is laceration of tissue.
  • The sphincters in the body are lacerated and stretched.
  • Lacerated and incised wounds of cornea due to foreign bodies.
  • Severe pain following abdominal operations.
  • It is used in incised or clean cut wounds to improve the healing.

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