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  • APPEARANCE: Can be slightly overweight. Gentle and kind appearance. Can look younger than actual age. Hair is fair and skin has a rosy complexion. Blushes easily. Often rests with hands behind head.

  • MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Shy and easily embarrassed. Kind and gentle and makes friends easily. Likes to be supported by others. Not assertive and can be indecisive. Cries easily, in particular over cruelty to children and animals, tragic news or weepy movies. Also laughs easily. Avoids confrontation. Loves animals. Can suppress guilt and anger. Occasionally prone to obsessive or compulsive behavior.

  • PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: All female reproductive problems including menstrual cramps and breasts swelling at menses. Catarrh. Irritable bowel syndrome. Skin problems. Varicose veins. Styes. Physical symptoms can fluctuate and change rapidly.

  • DIETARY FACTORS: Likes sweet foods, cold foods and cold drinks. Dislikes fatty foods such as cream and butter which irritate digestion and very rich, spicy foods. Thirstless.

  • THE PULSATILLA CHILD: Fears the dark and dislikes bedtime. Sensitive to changes in the weather. Becomes tearful and weepy when overtired. Prone to coughs and colds.

  • GENERALITIES: The Pulsatilla types often rest with their hands behind their heads. Changeable symptoms and mood  They are sensitive, can be clinging when unbalanced and seek consolation and affection when upset. Better in open air.


by Homeopath Sylvia Seroussi Chatroux, MD, who wrote Materia Poetica: Homeopathy in Verse (Poetica Press 1998).  

Like a flower in the wind

I can sway and I can bend

Noses run and tears do too

Discharge is the thing I do

Do you love me? I'm unsure

Show me, tell me, I need more

As a child I held on tight

To Mama's bed I went at night

Soft and plump and often shy

No surprise to see me cry

One thing that's a little odd

I get stiff if you mention God

I love pizza, lots of cheese

Open air, a welcome breeze

Stuffy rooms can make me sneeze

Drinks are not the thing I need

Diary is my favorite seed

Female problems suit me well

Menstrual cramps and breasts that swell

Menopause and pregnancy

Coughs that will not let me sleep

And when the sun light leaves the sky

My flower booms and I could cry

Pulsatilla is my name

Forever changing is my fame.

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