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Night Terrors and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies will provide effective, effective, natural treatment for night terrors and nightmares.
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About Night Terrors in Children
Causes Of Night Terrors in Children
Homeopathic Remedies For Night Terrors
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About Night Terrors in Children

Night terrors in children are intense, unexpected crying and fear in children during sleep where it is difficult to wake up or soothe the child.  Children with night terrors may have increased heart rate, breathing rate and profuse sweating.  They do not recognize their parents and are not easily comforted.  The most significant difference between a night mare and a night is that night terrors have a huge impact on the parents who see it. A nightmare will  scare the person, but watching a night terror in a child who is in a deep sleep state can also be very traumatizing to parents!  Children in the middle of a night terror will usually not be able to even recognize their parents or anyone trying to help them.

Causes Of Night Terrors in Children

Night terrors in children can be caused by hunger as well as pain.  The pain can teething, ear aches or digestive colic.  Some children are more sensitive types and are more prone to fear or anxiety which result in night terrors.  Night terrors in children can also be the  result of over excitement, excessive noise exposure or something frightening to them, especially in a toddler or young child. Night terrors can results from a child something inappropriate or violent on television or observing violent behaviors to another person, including shouting or hitting or even to animals.

Night terrors can also developed as a result of emotional trauma.  I treated a child with night terrors that developed and lasted for weeks, after this sensitive preschool girl briefly saw the disfigured face of a burn victim, at a mall.  The  parents could think of no other reason for this extreme regression until we probed deeply into the case, then realized the cause. 

We have also treated many children who had night terrors brought on shortly after a series of childhood vaccinations. All vaccines contain toxic excipients, and most contain heavy metals.  Vaccines cause inflammation of the brain, which can negatively impact neurological function and in some cases cause intense night terrors in children After detoxing those vaccines, the night terrors also stopped. Severe night terrors may cause insomnia both in children and parents and should be addressed promptly with homeopathy, using a qualified professional.

Homeopathic Remedies For Night Terrors and Night Mares

  • Aconite
    Nightmares and anxious dreams. Sleeplessness and restlessness in bed. Startling  in sleep, long dreams. Feelings of anxiety are centered on the chest. Insomnia in seniors. Drowsiness, anxious thoughts and rapid respiration. Aconite is associated with fear of dying. 

  • Arsenicum
    Disturbed, anxious, restless, agitated and tosses and turns. Desires to have the head raised by pillows. Suffocating fits during sleep. Sleeps with the hands over the head. Dreams are fearful. Usually worse at or after midnight to 1 am. 
    Thirsty for sips of water. Children who need Arsenicum are very demanding and will cry for their parents to come and help. 

  • Belladonna
    Fever, dryness of the mouth, cold extremities and hunger. Pulsation of the blood-vessels. Acute hearing keeps them awake. Comatose sleep at night, with frequent waking and convulsive movements. Moaning and tossing back and forth in sleep. Sleeplessness at night because of feelings of great anguish or agitation. Dreams may be described as anxious, terrible, frightful and vivid. Dreams of fires, robbers and assassins . Frightful visions
     on closing the eyes and jerking of the limbs. Belladonna is often used during childhood fevers

  • Calcarea carbonica
    Very useful for a child who is prone to infections or allergies. If they have a larger than normal head. The sweat easily especially on the head and even while eating.  Frequent colds, flu, ear infections, sore throats or allergies Calcarea carbonica is a very important constitutional remedy for infants and children.

  • Chamomilla 
    Intense reactions and screaming as if in pain. Sleeplessness at night from teething, intense headaches or other pain. Attacks of anguish. Visions and illusions involving sight and hearing. Startling with fright during sleep, cries, tosses about, is tearful, talks, raves, groans and snores. Constantly separates the thighs.  Lively, quarrelsome and vexatious dreams.  Chamomill is often indicated for teething pain in children with difficulty falling asleep. Children will demand things only to refuse them or throw them away. They cry to be picked up and carried, but this only helps for a short time. 

  • Coffea cruda
    Complete sleeplessness as if "wired on coffee".  Constantly moving and excited. Sleeps until 3 am and then can only dose. Wakes with a start and feels excited. Sleep is disturbed by dreams. Sleeplessness because of mental over activity or flow of ideas. Nervous excitability. Coffea cruda is good for hyperactive or hypersensitive children or high strung adults with insomnia

  • Colocynthis 
    Sleeplessness that follows indigestion or stomach pain. Very useful in children with colic. Very wakeful and sleepless. When asleep the person lies on the back, with one hand under the occiput. The pain in the stomach is better bending over, or pressing against the stomach.  Colocynthis is also useful in menstrual cramps in women with suppressed anger, or those kept awake from menstrual cramp pain.

  • Nux vomica 
    Intense, type A, competitive personality.  Falling asleep late because of a feeling of thoughts crowding. Wakes at 3 am and lies awake until daybreak, then  falls into a dull sleep full of dreams, from which it is hard to rouse. Unrefreshing sleep. Wakes late, feeling tired. Very drowsy after eating and in the early evening. Dreams are full of bustle and hurry or quarrels. Better after a short sleep. Great flow of ideas in bed in the evening, which prevent sleep until morning. Sleeplessness and excitement after overwork or over-stimulation including too much food, alcohol, sweets or other over-indulgences. Nux vomica is an important remedy for anger, irritability, liver detoxification, ulcers, alcoholism and an overactive mind.

  • Phosphorus 
    Used for sleeplessness. Falls asleep late and awakens feeling weak and unrefreshed. Better after short naps with frequent waking.
    Thirsty for cold drinks including at night. Dreams of fire or bleeding. Also anxious, distressing or frightening dreams. Vivid  dreams. Those who need Phosphorus will walks or talks in their sleep. Fear of the dark or being along and wants company.   Often a tall, thin body type with fine hair and more artistic, sensitive nature.

  • Pulsatilla
    Wide awake in the evening restless in sleep. Wakes feeling tired and unrefreshed. Very sleepy in the afternoon. Sleeps with both hands over the head. Dislike being covered and craves open air. Chilly but likes to have the windows and craves open air open. Pulsatilla children are clingy, timid and lack confidence. They cry easily if upset. Very impressionable and may have difficult falling asleep if anything disturbing has happened during the day. Children will have nightmares about being left by parents and they need to be held, tucked in or  be rocked to sleep.

  • Stramonium 
    This is the #1 remedy for violent night terrors in children. They suffer from agitated sleep with vivid and frightening dreams. They can be extremely frightened and scream out in their sleep. Clinging or clutching to the parents in the night terror, they do not recognize their own parents. Frightful visions during sleep. Wide, staring eyes and dilated pupils during night terrors. Stramonium has an intense  fear of the dark or fear of violence. This remedy is used for night terrors resulting from vaccinations and also vaccine and brain inflammation after vaccines in children.

  • Sulphur
    Use for children who twitch and jerk often in sleep. It is hard for them to relax and they seek mental and physical stimulation. Talking in sleep, vivid dreams or the child is awakening frequently. Sulphur children run hot and are thirsty.  They are social, extroverted curious and active and often athletic and physically well coordinated.

  • Valeriana 
    Sleeplessness at night. Disturbed sleep where the person can only fall asleep towards early morning with tossing and turning until then. Anxious and confused dreams. Valeriana is also used in menopause for women with insomnia.

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