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Helleborus Niger
Homeopathy For Women
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Homeopathy for Women

Helleborus Niger (Hell.)
(Christmas rose)

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This homeopathic remedy is useful in Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADHD, PANDAS and other neurological disorders, along with other important polychrests.


  • Nervous System Disorders - nervous system disorders may come across as having a mental disorder.
  • Restores lost concentration and inability to focus.
  • Slow in answering.
  • Thoughtless; staring.
  • Can’t remember much
  • Involuntary sighing.
  • Picks lips and clothes.
  • Sensorial depression.
  • Sees, hears, tastes imperfect.
  • General muscular weakness.
  • Often drop items.
  • Go completely blank suddenly without warning In extreme cases
  • Used in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Headaches - more extreme migraine that comes about after an injury or some type of surgery.
  • Pain in the back of the head that spreads, and there may be dizziness associated with it.
  • Brain Inflammation - swelling in the brain tissue that could be caused by meningitis.
  • Extreme hot or cold feelings or even a sort of stupor.
  • Digestive Disorders - painful bowel movements associated with this health condition.
  • Cycle of extreme bowel movements and then constipation
  • Depression - blank stares, involuntary sighs.

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