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Hand Foot Mouth Disease

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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFM)
(Coxsackie virus)
Homeopathic medicine will quickly relief the symptoms of HFM and reduce the pain and recovery time.  Contact us to learn more!


Symptoms of Hand Foot and Mouth disease (HFM)

  • Hand Food and Mouth Disease (HFM) is a viral infection characterized by fever and a typical rash most frequently seen on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and inside the mouth. It should not be confused with foot (hoof) and mouth disease that affects cattle, sheep, and swine.

  • HFM is most commonly an illness of the spring and fall seasons. Initial symptoms of mild fever (101 F-102 F) and malaise are followed within one or two days by a characteristic rash.

  • HFM Rash Small (2 mm-3 mm) red spots that quickly develop into small blisters (vesicles) appear on the palms, soles, and oral cavity.

  • The gums, tongue, and inner cheek are most commonly involved.

  • Oral lesions are commonly associated with a sore throat and diminished appetite.

  • The foot lesions may also involve the lower calf region and rarely may appear on the buttocks.

  • HFM is caused by several members of the enterovirus family of viruses. The most common cause is Coxsackie virus A-16; less frequently enterovirus 71 is the infectious agent. The clinical manifestations of routine HFM are the same regardless of the responsible virus. Those infected with enterovirus 71 are more likely to experience more rare complications.

Prevention of Hand Food and Mouth Disease with Homeopathy on Exposure to Coxsackie Virus

  • Pulsatilla as prevention for HFM
    We recommend a C0C is 2 pills dissolved in a 4 oz. bottle of water; a 200C is 2 pills dissolved in 8 oz. bottle of water.)
    Give 1 tsp. from the bottle to each member of the household exposed who has not had chicken pox. This is a recommendation as a preventative (prophylactic dose).
    Read more about water dosing method here

Homeopathic Remedies Hand Food and Mouth Disease

  • Antimonium tartaricum
    Indicated when eruptions are large and slow to emerge. The child feels sweaty, fussy, and may be nauseous with a white-coated tongue. If chest congestion with a rattling cough develops, or a bubbly sound on breathing.

  • Antimonium crudum
    Child is irritable and may object to being touched or looked at. The eruptions are sore and touching them may bring on shooting pains.

  • Apis mellifica
    The skin around the eruptions is pink and puffy and very itchy, with stinging pains. The eyelids may also be swollen. Th  child feels worse from warmth, is irritable, and usually is not thirsty.

  • Belladonna
    Hot and feverish, with a red flushed face, and eyes that are sensitive to light. A pounding headache may be felt, accompanied by either restlessness or drowsiness. The rash usually is red, with a feeling of heat and throbbing.

  • Bryonia
    Fever persists for several days and a dry nagging cough develops. The child’s mouth is dry, with thirst for long cold drinks. The child may be very grumpy, feel worse from motion, and dislike being interfered with in any way.

  • Mercurius solubilis
    Eruptions are large and become infected. The child is very sensitive to temperature changes and feels worse at night. Perspiration and drooling during sleep, swollen lymph nodes, and offensive breath are strong indications.

  • Pulsatilla
    The child is sweet and tearful when ill and wants a lot of attention and comforting. Itching and other discomforts are worse from warmth and in stuffy rooms, and improved by cool fresh air. The  child is rarely thirsty, even during fever.

  • Rhus toxicodendron
    Tremendous itching that is worse from scratching and relieved by warm baths or applying heat. Very restless, both physically and mentally. The eyes may become inflamed and sticky. Muscles can ache and feel very stiff, also relieved by warmth and gentle motion.

  • Sulphur
    If itching is so severe that the  child finds it impossible to keep from scratching - or if eruptions have a nagging, burning pain The symptoms (and the  child) become worse from warmth and aggravated after bathing. Both heat and chills are felt during fever. The  child may feel drowsy in the afternoon and restless and hot at night.

  • Urtica urens
    Eruptions with stinging, burning pain and itching. Symptoms are aggravated by exertion and from overheating.

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