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Gardasil Vaccine Injury Reversal

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Gardasil Vaccine Injury Reversal

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Read Gardasil Vaccine Injury Recovery Story with Homeopathy!

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About The Gardasil Vaccine Injury Reversal Program with Homeopathy

  • Minimum contract for care for Gardasil Reversal in this program is 6 months. Read more about fees for homeopathic treatment services.
  • Homeopathic medicine is the primary modality that will be used along with specific targeted nutrients.
  • Gardasil damage must be confirmed or strongly suspected, with clear regression points observed and/or documented after the shots were given.
  • The Homeopathic Detoxification Methods along with classical homeopathy are a safe, gentle and clinically effective way to remove Gardasil damage.
  • The success rate of treating vaccine injury with homeopathic medicine has been proven to be clinically effective, worldwide.
  • Participants must live in the USA and be able to communicate with me via a caregiver using email on a monthly basis.

Participation In This Program Is Based On This Criteria:

  1. All participants must be female, between the ages 10 - 26+ and living in the USA.
  2. All participants must have received at least one Gardasil vaccination with a clear adverse reaction.
  3. Parents and/or Client must have written records of all Gardasil vaccinations received, including the date, lot number and manufacture and be able to obtain those in writing from their doctors office.
  4. Parents and/or Client must have a clear recollection of the adverse effects that can be written up in a one to two page timeline.
  5. Parents and/or Client must be responsible for monitoring the homeopathic remedy dosing, tracking progress and reporting to the Homeopath as requested by email and/or using my on-line reporting system.
  6. Parents and/or Client must agree to sign a contract and disclosures for homeopathic services that outlines expectations during care.
  7. Parents and/or Client must agree to complete a detailed Questionnaire on basic health and family health history as provided.
  8. Parents and/or Client must have the ability to independently follow written dosing instructions with the highest possible compliance.
  9. Parents and/or Client must be able to communicate accurately on a monthly basis by email with Homeopathic Practitioner on dates as specified.
  10. Parents and/or Client must have the ability to independently follow clear, written dosing instructions with the highest possible compliance.
  11. Parents and/or Client must have the ability to take weekly notes and journal obvious detox and positive responses to homeopathic remedies during care.
  12. Parents and/or Client must agree to have their results published (anonymously) if/when requested.
  13. Parents and/or Client must be able to complete the care plan, uninterrupted.

Contact Me About Gardasil Injury Reversal

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9.56 mcg Sodium Chloride 9.56 mcg
.78 mcg L-Histidine .78 mcg
50 mcg Polysorbate 80 50 mcg
35 mcg Sodium Borate 35 mcg
<7 mcg Yeast Protein <7 mcg
20 mcg HPV 6 L1 protein 30 mcg
40 mcg HPV 11 L1 protein 40 mcg
40 mcg HPV 16 L1 protein 60 mcg
20 mcg HPV 18 L1 protein 40 mcg
  HPV 31 L1 protein 20 mcg
  HPV 33 L1 protein 20 mcg
  HPV 45 L1 protein 20 mcg
  HPV 52 L1 protein 20 mcg
  HPV 58 L1 protein 20 mcg

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