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Fifth Disease

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Fifth Disease "Slapped Cheek Syndrome" and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help a child with symptoms of Fifth Disease - also known as "Slapped Cheek Syndrome". 
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Fifth disease also known as Slapped Cheek Syndrome is a mild and common illness in children that is caused by a virus called Human Parvovirus B19. The medical name for Fifth Disease is "erythema infectiosum (EI)".

Symptoms and signs include a rash as if the face has been slapped. In North America, the disease has been referred to as slapped cheek syndrome or as "slapcheek". Parvovirus infection is a common and highly contagious childhood ailment.  It was one of five common childhood illnesses characterized by a rash and therefore named "Fifth Disease". The name Fifth Disease comes from a classification system developed in the 1890's but it is no longer used. It was the fifth in a list of the five most common rashes of childhood and acquired this name.

This infection occurs primarily in school-aged children between 5 and 14 years of age during winter and spring. In most children, parvovirus infection is mild and requires little treatment.

However, in some adults, the infection can be serious. Parvovirus infection in some pregnant women can lead to serious health problems for the fetus. Parvovirus infection is also more serious for people with some kinds of anemia or who have a compromised immune system.

  • The virus is thought to spread via droplets in the air as respiratory secretions transmitted by coughs and sneezesor by blood from other infected people. Early during the illness, nasal secretions contain the viral DNA. Blood has been found to contain viral particles as well as DNA.

  • Cases of Fifth Disease can occur either sporadically or as part of community outbreaks.

  • Outbreaks occur mainly in elementary schools during the spring.

  • Half of the cases occur from spread of the virus to others in the patient's household. Transmission of the infection in schools is less common.

  • At least half of North American adults have been infected by parvovirus B19 and are unlikely to be reinfected.

  • About 10% or fewer of young children are immune.

  • People with this illness are contagious before the onset of symptoms and are probably not contagious after they develop the rash.

  • The incubation period (the time from acquiring the infection to the development of symptoms) usually lasts between 4 and 21 days.

Homeopathic Remedies for Fifth Disease - Slapped Cheek Syndrome

  • Apis
    Chill stage of fever; worse from any warm coverings; better open air and from uncovering; heat stage of fever: extremely drowsy with great thirst; barely any perspiration; want cool cloths on red cheeks; ‘slapped’ face looks swollen, shiny and feels stinging & hot (just like a bee sting would look and feel); possibly with sore throat; fear of being alone and possessive of the mother (jealousy).  S
    kin rashes that feel hot and dry and are sensitive to touch; maybe accompanied by sore throat. Rash area is puffy & hard and can resemble a bee sting. The rash is stingy. Symptoms are better  by cool drinks and baths. Worse from heat and warm liquids, they can have little or no thirst.
  • Belladonna
    apid or fast onset, the cheeks are very red with a radiating heat and can be accompanied by a high temperature and dilated pupils. Headache can be throbbing. May desire lemon or sour flavored drinks.
  • Bryonia
    This is another common remedy for treatment. Person is very thirsty, dry mucus membranes and irritable.

  • Calendula
    For burns and skin lesions that are fairly superficial; often used after the acute phase of the skin condition has subsided to aid in complete recovery.
  • Chamomilla
    Fever stage has flushes of heat in head and face; fiery red rash on face; burning; cold limbs with burning heat of face; perspiration is hot with fever; behavior is key; whining restlessness; wants many things, then refuses them; aversion to touch but wants to be carried; very sensitive to pain; ugly behavior.
  • Ferrum phosphoricum
    Slow onset; low grade fever; nosebleed.
  • Rhus toxicodendron
    For rashes, blisters and vesicles with itching that worsens at night and improves with the application of heat. Generally restless and unable to get comfortable. May affect tendons and ligaments and have painful joints. Person may have painful joints.
  • Sulphur
    for skin disorders that are accompanied by fever and intense itching; person is thirsty, irritable while sick, sensation of internal heat and burning; symptoms tend to improve with open, cold air and worsen with warmth.

  • Urtica Urens
    Nettle rash or hives or urticaria with reddish, scorching, stinging outbreaks on the skin that are likely to be distended or scratchy. usually worsen after bathing, or warmth. The itching is often worse in the morning.

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