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Colic and Babies
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Homeopathic Remedies for Infants with Colic

Homeopathic remedies can help reduce the symptoms of colic in infants and babies.  Contact us to learn more!.
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Homeopathic Remedies For Infant Colic

  • Aethusia
    For babies who cannot tolerate breast milk and have vomiting, regurgitation and/or silent reflux.

  • Bryonia
    Acute attacks of pain worse for the slightest motion accompanied by great thirst. Baby will draw legs up and burp. The tongue may be coated dirty white or brown in center.

  • Chamomilla
    For a colicky baby who appears to be intensely irritable and angry in their distress. They want to being carried around which soothes them a little but they will get some relief from something warm being placed on their tummy. The tummy will be distended and they will pass small amounts of gas. If your baby is also teething at the same time try this medicine first.

  • Dioscorea:
    Griping pains around navel.  Violent twisting and grinding episodes of colic.  Pain stops suddenly, start elsewhere.  Pains dart, radiate everywhere; from abdomen to back, chest, arms.  Worse eating, drinking, anger, 6 am, night, lying on stomach, Better bending double, warmth, hard pressure, after stool or gas, motion.

  • Colocynthis
     For baby that is relieved by having firm pressure on their tummy by laying them over your knee or over your shoulder. The baby will writhe in pain but will get some relief from passing wind or from the firm pressure.

  • Lycopodium
    The baby is worse between 4 pm - 8 pm and sometimes also at 2 AM. Flatulence and gurgling tummy with bloating may also be present. Your baby will be better lying on the right side.

  • Nux Vomica
    The baby's tummy appears tight and there are seemingly spasms of pain with constipation also.

  • Rheum
    The baby is irritable, difficult, restless, and doesnít want to play. Baby cries a lot, especially at night when she doesnít want to sleep and seems to survive on very little sleep.) She is pale and colicky and has a sour smell to her sweat and stools.

  • Silicea
    For babies who reject the breast and/or who vomit up breast milk as curds after feeding and are hungry after. They cannot digest it. You can also give Silicea to the breastfeeding Mother as well.

  • Kali Carb
    Baby's symptoms are worse between 2 - 4 am and after eating. Chronic pain which is better for motion, hot drinks and bending forward.

Cell Salts for Infant Colic - Read more about cell salts here

  • Cell Salt: Natrum Phos 6X
    This cell salt helps neutralize acids and aids digestion.
    Dissolve 3 pills in 4 oz warm water and give by dropper, 1 tsp.  Can be given at the same time as the Mag Phos 6X.

  • Cell Salt: Magnesium Phos 6X
    This cell salt helps with cramps, spasm and pain. Dissolve 3 in 4 oz. warm water and give by dropper, 1 tsp.  Can be given at the same time as the Natrum Phos 6X.

Other Homeopathic Supports For Infant Colic

  • Colic Calm - a natural homeopathic combination for infant colic symptoms.

  • Dosing: On the box is says to give up to 1/2 teaspoon but many babies find relief with just a 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon. We suggest that you start out by giving Colic Calm as needed basis when  the baby starts to cry. You do need to give it as quickly as possible on baby's symptoms of upset. Donít be afraid to redose if the baby is not improving after 30 minutes or so. A 6 week old baby can have as much as 6 doses of 1/2 teaspoon each per a day. Many babies find relief with 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon as the dose, so start with the lower dose and work up.  Stop giving it as symptoms subside, and repeat again at other times of digestive stress for baby.

  • Ingredients: Colic Calm HomeopathicOral Suspension and is an FDA-registered Homeopathic Medicine that's safe and gentle. Made in the USA in an FDA-inspected facility with the highest quality natural active ingredients.
    Does not contain: Sugar, sodium bicarbonate, simethicone, herbal extracts, citric acid, soy/ dairy, wheat/ gluten, animal products, artificial flavors or colors. Colic Calm provides fast natural relief for babyís colic, gas and upset stomach when itís needed most. This proprietary formula combines homeopathic ingredients that the principals according to homeopathy, gently encourage babyís body to heal itself rather than merely suppressing symptoms. Colic Calm helps support infant digestive systems that are still developing and adjusting to new foods and liquids. This unique homeopathic blend also calms babyís discomfort from stomach aches, reflux, hiccups and teething. 

  • Colic Calm's homeopathic Ingredients include:

    • Aloe Socotrina..................... 5X

    • Carbo Vegetabilis.................1X

    • Carum Carvi.........................5X
    • Chamomilla......................... .5X
    • Foeniculum Vulgare...............5X
    • Melissa Officinalis..................5X
    • Mentha Piperita.....................5X
    • Prunus Spinosa.....................5X
    • Zingiber Officinale..................5X

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