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ADHD, Eczema, Gastrointestinal Recovery
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Vaccine Injury, ADHD, Eczema, Gastrointestinal Symptoms
Recovery with Homeopathy in a Girl, age 6

Testimonial written by the mother, Louisiana, USA.
September 1, 2015

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"She is reading very well and ahead of some of her peers.  We've seen improvements elsewhere such as dance. 
Her dance instructors commented how much improvement she made in just one year of dance, like she looked like a different dancer.


I reached out to Homeopathy For Women for my then 5 year old daughter who was having behavioral problems both at home and in school.  We had been working with a behavioral psychologist who had diagnosed her with ADHD and some mild symptoms of ODD.  In addition, she was experiencing physical symptoms, including eczema and encopresis (involuntary defecation, especially associated with emotional disturbance or psychiatric disorder).  She was a very picky eater and doesn't eat vegetables so constipation was a big problem for her.  We had seen a pediatric gastroenterologist who suggested "clean-outs" every weekend for the next 6 months.  First and foremost, we did not want to start down the path of conventional meds for treating ADHD.  That was not an option for us... neither were the cleanouts. 

After Kari learned that our daughter was treated with many antibiotics as an infant for repeat acutes such as ear infections, RSV, Flu, etc., she was able to choose the right chronic remedy to help detox our daughter of all the antibiotics and vaccines. We also took her off dairy and gluten products.  We saw change right away and discovered she had a milk allergy because the eczema immediately went away.  The chronic homeopathic remedy Kari had her on also helped with the constipation and we were able to get her off the Miralax.

When our daughter first started Kindergarten, she was very impulsive. She had trouble with emotional regulation and difficulty getting along with her peers.  She didn't readily participate in class and seemed behind both academically and socially.  In addition to Kari's care, we initiated OT therapy two times per week for integrated processing and emotional regulation.

After a full year under Kari's care and regular occupational therapy, our daughter is entering first grade.  Her Kindergarten teacher was absolutely amazed at the progress Phoebe had made during the year.  She became excited bout participating in class, raised her hand more often, caught on to concepts much quicker and was maintaining friendships.  She is reading very well and ahead of some of her peers.  We've seen improvements elsewhere such as dance.  Her dance instructors commented how much improvement she made in just one year of dance, like she looked like a different dancer. She sometimes still has trouble with impulse control but it has greatly improved from when we first started. 

During Phoebe's detox process with Kari Phoebe did suffer from many acutes but those acutes have subsided dramatically in the last 6 months.  We have a healthy beautiful 6-year old.  She no longer needs a chronic remedy and continues on her supplements. Kari went above and beyond and was flexible in our daughter's care where we needed it.  We can't thank Kari enough for healing our daughter with homeopathy."

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