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Vaccine Side Effects and Homeopathy

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Vaccine Side Effects and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help provide a natural support for those with symptoms of vaccine side effects.
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Below are some of the top homeopathic remedies used for vaccine side effects

  • Belladonna -  brain inflammation, fever after vaccination.
  • Carbo-vegetabilis - indicated for many symptoms that occur chronically after vaccination, shortness of breath, air hunger.
  • China - weakness after the flu, after blood poisoning or after vaccination.
  • Cocculus - neurological effects after vaccination , wandering paresthesia, nervous-asthenic, weaknesses in the extremities or half-sided neurological symptoms, numbness

  • Conium - swelling of the auxiliary lymph nodes
  • Gelsemium - never healthy after vaccination. Never healthy after the flu, headache on little mental and physical exertion, urticarial skin rash on the face, weakness.
  • Glonoinum  -  violent migraine attack with pain as if to burst: 
  • Opium -  known as a remedy for horrible and traumatic experiences and fright that have led to physical and mental paralysis, convalescence after exhausting illnesses.
  • Pyrogenium - after blood poisoning, never healthy since a septic fever.
  • Phosphoricum acidum - pressing headache after mental exertion, both physical and mental weakness.
  • Silicea #1 - used for the vaccine side effects including for the pandemic injections. Fatigue syndrome, headaches, arthralgias, lymphadenopathies, eyelid twitching or calf cramps. Convulsions after vaccination. Conjunctivitis, feeling of intoxication, migraines, nausea, psychological alteration. Armpit lymphadenitis, fatigue syndrome.  Nausea, headache and heat of the head, dizziness. Sleep disturbance, pain at a previous herpes zoster site, stomach pain. Herpes labialis and exanthema chest area. Exhaustion, cramps in calves, twitching eyes, foggy vision.

  • Spigelia - Cardiac complaints with sterum pain, shortness of breath on exertion and chronic pain in the left arm. Suspected myocarditis.
  • Stramonium - violent head pain, violence, strabismus after vaccinations.
  • Sulphur - chronic loss of smell after vaccinations.
  • Tuberculinum Bovinum - persistent shortness of breath , weakness after influenza or influenza vaccine. Headache after mental exertion, poor memory for what he has just read.
  • Thuja - used for vaccine side effects especially for viral based vaccinations.

  • Zincum - neurological complaints after vaccination. Mental and physical weakness.  Helps removes heavy metals.


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