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Homeopathy for Women

Bach Flowers To Help Natural Fertility

Bach Flower remedies are helpful for those couples struggling with conception and infertility issues.
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Read more about all of the 38  Bach Flower Remedies
Read how to dosing of Bach Flower Remedies

We recommend that you dose a Bach Flower remedy if under homeopathic fertility care after consulting with your Homeopath. 

#1. Agrimony: When you hide your feeling by putting on a brave face and do not show others your true worrying feelings about getting pregnant, this flower is for you. Agrimony helps you if you are experiencing inner anguish. Many men and women seem to need this remedy when they are concerned but do not want to show their partner their true feelings and try to be brave and strong.

#2. Aspen: Helps those who experience a sense of fear an uneasy feeling as if something is about to happen. For fear of unknown causes and it helps in cases of apprehension and anxiety. If you are going through medical tests to determine the cause of your infertility, this flower will help you overcome your sense of uncertainty. Take Aspen if your are schedule to consult with a fertility doctor or are going to a fertility clinic.

#12. Gentian: Great for setbacks and disappointments. When you feel discouraged and cannot think positive anymore, this remedy encourages you to look on the positive side, gives you the drive to move forward with renewed hope for your life. If you suffered a miscarriage or the fertility treatment did not work or your period arrived and you where hoping for a pregnancy, Gentian will help you! If you feel sorry for yourself because you have difficulty getting pregnant, this Bach flower will lift your spirit of optimism.

#18. Impatiens:  Very useful while trying to get pregnant especially when you cannot wait. You want pregnancy to happen right now!  If you suspect you might be pregnant and need to wait to know the results, this Bach flower can give you a sense of calmness. If you feel impatient and irritable about not getting pregnant fast enough, Impatiens helps eliminate that feeling in nervous anticipation, promoting patience and help you relax a little more while you wait.

#20.  Mimulus: For those who are very shy and fearful. This remedy will help if you have a fear of needles and have to give blood for a test or if you have a fear of doctors and hospitals and you know you have to go there.

#23.  Olive: This flower is for mental and physical fatigue. If you have a long working day and feel drained, this flower will give you strength. It also helps give you energy during infertility treatments and procedures.

#24.  Pine: If you feel guilty and blame yourself for your inability to have a baby, this remedy is for you. Don't underestimate the power of negative emotions on your physical well being. This flower will assist you release your sense of guilt. This negative emotion can create emotional blocks that prevents many women from getting pregnant. If you had an abortion in the past and feel guilty and non-deserving of another chance of getting pregnant, Pine will assist you release you sense of guild and forgive you past in order to heal your present.

#35. White Chestnut: If you are constantly worried and have persistent worrying thoughts that go round and round in your mind. You find yourself constantly thinking, planning, worrying, debating with yourself about what to do or should do. You cannot rest, especially at night when you wake up from sleep thinking and worrying about possible outcomes. White Chestnut helps you deal with these unwanted thoughts, helping you clear your mind and relax.

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