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Alkaline and Acidic Foods
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Homeopathy for Women

Alkaline and Acidic Foods

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List of Alkaline and Acidic Food Charts (PDF)
Food Combining Chart (PDF)
Information on the Alkaline Diet (PDF)

List of the Best Food Brands for Kids (PDF)
Health Tips by Dr. Ben Lynch
Alkaline - Acid pH Balanced Diet Explained
How To Balance Your PH (Acid to Alkaline Ratio)
The Importance of Juicing
How to Test Your Body's PH

Get Free iPhone App "On Target Living to Monitor your Alkaline - Acid pH balance


General Diet and Health Tips by Dr. Ben Lynch
(15:15 minutes)


Video: The Alkaline - Acid pH Balanced Diet Explained
(8:56 min.)


Video: How Balancing Your PH (Acid to Alkaline ratio) Maintains Optimum Health
(1:19 minutes)

Buy The PH Miracle Book - By Dr. Robert  Young

Video: The Importance of Juicing - By Dr. Robert Young
(42 minutes)


Video: How to Test Your Body's PH to Understand Your Current Health
(9:53 minutes)

The health goal is to keep it between 7.2 and 7.4 on a daily basis.

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Homeopathy for Mothers

Homeopathy for PMS
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