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Synviosis, Joint Swelling

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Homeopathy For Synovitis - Joint Swelling

Homeopathic remedies will help a person with joint swelling natural and effectively. Contact us to learn more!

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What is Synovitis?
is the medical term for inflammation of the synovial membrane. This membrane lines joints that possess cavities, known as synovial joints. The condition is usually painful, particularly when the joint is moved. The joint usually swells due to synovial fluid collection.
Joint pain is due to the inflammation of a synovial membrane, which is usually painful, particularly on motion and is characterized by fluctuating swelling, due to the an escape of fluid in the synovial sac.

Homeopathic Remedies for Synovitis, inflammation of a synovial membrane

  • Aconite
    Sudden onset, intense symptoms often brought on by fright.
  • Apis mellifica
    Especially of the knee joint; there are sharp lancinating, stinging pains shooting through the joint and aggravation from the slightest motion. Effusion into the joint and swelling. Pains are relieved by cold application.
  • Belladonna
    The pains are severe and sudden, attended with a hot, dry skin and much redness and swelling.
  • Bryonia
    Synovitic joint is pale red and tense. Sharp, stitching pains. Greatly aggravated by any motion and relieved by the warmth of the bed. Rheumatic or traumatic swellings.
  • Calcarea carbonica
    Used often in children, chubby, easily perspiring. Flabby with weak muscles. Fearful and need protection.
  • Causticum
    Prominent swelling of the joints. Stiffness of the joints and a tendency to arthritis.
  • Iodine
    This remedy follows Apis well, especially in children with swelling at the knee joint.
  • Kali iodatum
    Spongy swelling of the joint. A feeling of heat inside the joint. Gnawing boring pain, which is worse at night and accompanied with restlessness.
  • Ledum
    Acute traumatic synovitis where there is an effusion into the joint. Parts are sensitive. Pains are aching and tearing with but little fever. Especially adapted the knee joint.
  • Mercurius
    Tendency to complete destruction of the joint. Aggravation at night, profuse sweating, feeling of coldness and chilliness, restlessness.
  • Pulsatilla
    For gouty, rheumatic synovitis. Joints are swollen. Sharp, stinging pains force the person to move the part. Feeling of deep soreness.
  • Sulphur
    Useful when the knee is affected. It comes in after Apis mellifica and Bryonia.

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