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Stramonium (Stram.)

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  • Stramonium is a remedy associated with VIOLENCE AND FEAR OF VIOLENCE.

  • MENTAL CONDITIONS, mania, psychosis with violent behavior, increased strength.

  • Delirium with febrile conditions.

  • Jealous, threatens to kill.

  • A subconscious, dark element.  Intense emotions leading to violence: out of control, sudden anger.

  • Can be destructive with striking, biting, tearing, smashing.


  • Ailments from head injury, vaccination, fever, cerebral accident.

  • Worse by DARK, looking into light. 

  • Ameliorated by LIGHT, company, warmth.


  • Fear of being injured.

  • Delusion is alone in the wilderness.

  • Forsaken feeling

  • Stramonium has STRONG FEARS AT NIGHT.

  • WAKE WITH TERROR, wild look in the eyes. Half awake, half dreaming.

  • FEARS: DARK (sleeps with light on), WATER (deep, dark).

  • Aversion to WATER, reflecting surfaces, running water, death, cemeteries, ANIMALS, esp. dogs that they might attack


  • Children with ADHD: Behavior disorders. Can appear very quiet during consultation.

  • Child wants to sleep with the parents.

  • Violent STAMMERING: big struggle to get the word out.

  • Skin has chronic abscesses, boils; septic states with spasms, dry and burning.

  • WORSE at night; worse along, worse in dark, worse looking into light.

  • BETTER by LIGHT, company, warmth.

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