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Heavy Metal Toxicity and Homeopa

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Heavy Metal Toxicity and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies will support healing and detoxification of heavy metals from vaccinations,
dental amalgams and other environmental exposures.
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General Toxicity Sulphur
Aluminum Toxicity Alumina, Bryonia, Plumbum
Arsenic Toxicity Arsenicum, Phosphorus
Cadmium Toxicity Zincum metalicum
Copper Toxicity

Cuprum metallicum. Zincum metallicum

Lead Toxicity

Alumina, Causticum

Mercury Toxicity

Cuprum metallicum, Zincum metallicum

Silver Toxicity

Nat mur

Supplements For Toxicity

Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc + Herbs

General Metal Toxicity

  • Sulphur

The homeopathic remedy known as Sulphur can be used in the treatment of general toxicity to different metals. This remedy has effective and very wide ranging effect on the toxicity induced by metals in the body. The remedy is effective in aiding the body's elimination of accumulated toxic metals in the deep tissues; it can help clear the metals accumulating in the lymphatics and in such organs like the liver or kidneys. The remedy can also be used as an antidote type treatment for cases of metal poisoning, it may be considered a preliminary treatment remedy and in some cases, it can also be utilized in cleaning up the body as more of a specific remedy to treat a particular symptom. The remedial actions of the Sulphur is in the treatment of physical fatigue, it can be used in the treatment of eruptions on the skin and it can also be used in the treatment of poorly healing skin in persons afflicted by metal toxicity. This homeopathic remedy must be used as a general purpose preliminary detox for metal poisoning.

Aluminum Toxicity

  • Alumina

  • Bryonia

  • Plumbum

The toxic effect of aluminum poisoning can be cured by the homeopathic remedy Bryonia - this remedy acts as an acute antidote to the damaging effects of the metal inside the body. Physical symptoms induced by poisoning with aluminum which can be treated using Bryonia can include the presence of a persistent constipation along with dryness in the internal areas of the body. The homeopathic remedy Plumbum can be used as the main antidote, to treat aluminum toxicity which induces sudden abdominal cramps and the atrophy of muscle tissues in the affected individual. If the symptoms induced by the toxic metal include mental symptoms such as confusion about identity and time distortions, then the homeopathic remedy known as Alumina must be used to treat the person. This remedy can also be used to treat the symptoms such as chronic constipation and the giving out of frequent vaginal discharge in women - these are symptoms often observable in many persons afflicted by toxic aluminum contamination. The presence of one or more symptoms must be treated using the appropriate remedy.

Arsenic Toxicity

  • Arsenicum

  • Phosphorus

Arsenic poisoning cases can be treated by using the homeopathic remedy Phosphorus as the main antidote, the remedy known as Arsenicum can also be used if phosphorus is not available. The physical symptoms in acute and chronic cases of arsenic toxicity treatable by both these remedies can include the presence of persistent burning pains in the body, a great thirst and desire for cold drinks. Physical symptoms such as sudden vomiting, mental symptoms like persistent anxiety and the specific fear of diseases, the fear of death, the fear of the dark and of being robbed - none of the psychological symptoms induced by the toxicity are rational, but they seem very real to the individual. Physical symptoms also generally seen in such persons include the tendency to bleed very easily, the presence of constant diarrheas and the passing out of acrid discharges from the pores in the body. The presence of one or more of these symptoms must be treated using one of these remedies.

Cadmium Toxicity

  • Zincum Metallicum

The main antidote for cases of toxicity due to the accumulation of cadmium in the body is the homeopathic remedy known as Zincum. This remedy can be used in the treatment of both mental and physical weakness often seen in the person. Physical symptoms can also include the presence of extreme restlessness combined with many other neurological sensations, some of which can include a feeling of constant numbness, the presence of a crawling sensation on the skin, great sensitivity or the presence of pain in definite spots on the skin. Another toxic compound allied to the metal known as the cadmium sulph. induces similar symptoms, such as physical weakness, the presence of odd sensations in the body and the lowering of the immunity to allow for frequent viral infections. The presence of these symptoms indicates the toxic effects of cadmium and the appropriate homeopathic remedy must be used to treat particular symptoms in the affected individual.

Copper Toxicity

  • Cuprum metallicum

  • Zincum Metallicum

Lead Toxicity

  • Alumina

  • Causticum

Lead poisoning can be treated using the homeopathic remedy known as Alumina. This effective antidote aids in the complete elimination of the accumulated lead from the body, it also stimulates the functioning of the brain and corrects other neurological symptoms generated by the presence of high amounts of lead in the body. Lead poisoning can induce specific physical symptoms such as lethargy and physical dullness, it also induces mental confusion, and the person may suffer from loss of memory and other identity issues. Elevation in blood pressure or high blood pressure and disease of the kidneys are other symptoms often seen in individuals suffering from the toxic effects of lead in the body.

As a general antidote for lead poisoning, the homeopathic remedy known as the Causticum can also be used to correct symptoms in affected persons. This homeopathic is very helpful in correcting nerve paralysis and urinary weakness induced by the toxic effects of lead.

Mercury Toxicity

  • Hepar Sulphur

  • Mercurius solubilis

Toxic effects of mercury poisoning can be treated using the homeopathic remedy known as Mercurius, symptoms induced by dental fillings of amalgam include many sorts of gum disease and gum bleeding, the toxic effects of the mercury can also lead to the formation of abscesses in the mouth, it can cause mouth ulcers. Patients often complain of recurring and persistent sore throat, such persons also tend to suffer from colitis and women may suffer frequent miscarriages. Another excellent homeopathic antidote to treat mercury toxicity is the remedy known as Hepar sulph.. This remedy can be used in the treatment of frequently developing abscesses in the mouth, it can also be used in the treatment of bronchitis and other pulmonary infections induced by the presence of high levels of mercury, such infections typically lead to the giving off of thick and yellow pus. Each symptom must be studied and treatment should use the appropriate homeopathic remedy.

Silver Toxicity

  • Nat Mur

The toxic effect of silver poisoning can be treated using the homeopathic remedy known as Nat mur. This remedy is very useful in the complete elimination of toxic silver from the body. The physical symptoms induced by the presence of high levels of silver in the body include "argentism" a condition common to people who take high amounts of colloidal silver. The remedy can also help in suppressing the toxicity induced by the presence of silver nitrate in the body, if silver nitrate affects infant, then this remedy must be put into the affected infant's eyes, treatments with the remedy must be carried out immediately and as soon as the first physical symptoms appear. If the toxic metal is not eliminated from the body, then the eyes may give off a lot of tears and become bloodshot. The appropriate homeopathic remedy must be used in the treatment of specific symptoms.

Supplements for Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Selenium

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin C

  • Zinc

  • Herbs For Toxicity

    • Cilantro

    • Chlorella

    • Dandelion

    • Garlic

    • Milk thistle

    • Stinging nettle

    • Yellow Dock

  • Supplemental use of the vitamin C is also strongly suggested for all persons, this nutrient helps protect the body from the deleterious effects of accumulated toxins and aids in the complete elimination of the toxic substances from the body - it is also very useful against heavy metals in the human body. People suffering from a case of poisoning from heavy metals tend to have very little vitamin C levels in their bodies-supplementation of the vitamin is important to correct this imbalance in the levels of the nutrient within the body of the individual. As the tolerance levels for the metal varies from one individual to another, dosage levels must be reduced immediately when the stools lose consistency and a diarrhea like state exists.

  • Supplemental use of the mineral selenium and the vitamin E which have excellent antioxidant properties must also be done along with the supplements of vitamin C, all of these nutrients taken together will serve to combat the worst effects of toxicity and the deleterious damage done inside the organs.

  • The use of supplemental zinc is suggested if the metal cadmium is the cause for the toxicity, the presence of high levels of the metal cadmium in the body often leaches zinc away form the body - supplements of this essential mineral should work to correct the imbalance.

  • Herbal remedies can be used to fight toxicity from heavy metal poisoning in the human body. The absorbing powers of these herbal remedies will aid in the rapid elimination of accumulated toxins - a factor which is essential for the full recovery of the affected person. All of the herbs given here have been proven to be very valuable in engineering this recovery process in the human body.

    • The heavy radioactive metal known as strontium-90 often accumulates in many edible green and leafy plants, which also have a high calcium content.

    • Calcium in such plants is responsible for the transportation of the strontium-90 towards the bones where it may induce biochemical damages in the marrow of the bones.

    • The toxic metals accumulating in the body are also removed by the herbal garlic remedy, this antibacterial herb can aid in the elimination of all toxic metals from the body. The use of odorless capsules of the herbal garlic remedy may be preferable to the raw clove by the majority of persons.  Dosage of this herbal remedy can be three capsules of garlic taken three time every day for as long as necessary.

  • The healthy and proper functioning of the liver is assured by the supplements of herbal dandelion root, which actively stimulates liver function in the body. This herbal remedy can be extremely vital to the complete elimination of accumulated toxins present in the blood of the affected individual. The action of the herbal dandelion inside the body is stimulated by the burdock and yellow dock root herbal remedies - these two herbs must be used in conjunction to the dandelion as treatment.

  • The absorption of lead in the body can be reduced by the high calcium content of the stinging nettle herb - supplements of this herb can also be taken on a daily basis by all individual affected by lead poisoning.

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