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Classical Homeopathic Care Using Gentle Water Dosing.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Natural Fertility Program
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Success Story About Natural Fertility Using Homeopathy!

by Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, Classical Homeopath and Fertility Specialist

Is There An Age Limit For Women in the Natural Fertility Program?

  • I accept women up to age 42 and men up to age 50 in my Natural Fertility Program.

  • The Program requires both partners be under fertility care for a six (6) month contract.

  • Results are always better and faster when both partners are receiving homeopathic care simultaneously.

How Long Do I Need To Be Your Client?

  • I work for  6 months, using a standard contract with all Fertility Program clients under my care.

  • If a pregnancy has not been achieved after 6 months, an extended contract for care can be continued for a longer period, if desired.

  • My homeopathic fertility program is available via skype video conferencing anywhere in the USA.
  • I offer fertility consultations and provide advice, share my homeopathic knowledge and give care and support to each of my clients.
  • The result is successful pregnancy - and healthy, beautiful babies!

What Is The Success Rate of the Natural Fertility Program?

  • The success rate of this program is 80%, within 4 cycle for women 42 or younger or younger - who are fully compliant with my Natural Fertility Program.

Why is Homeopathy Effective For Fertility?

  • As your Homeopath, I will efficiently undue the harmful and suppressive effects of the oral contraceptive pill (OCP).

  • My homeopathic care creates a better overall state of health in both partners before conception.

  • The homeopathic remedies I prescribe will quickly shift a woman's hormonal balances, improve ovulation, correct menstrual cycle issues and change metabolism so everything is more favorable for conception and birth.

  • My homeopathic care can alter the energetic balance within and between partners.  

  • Both partners and any child conceived will benefit from my homeopathic care! 

Can Homeopathy Help My Male Partner?

  • Yes!  For the male, homeopathy fertility care can address and correct poor sperm quality, poor sperm motility, low sperm count.

  • It also addresses low concentration of sperm (oligospermia), sperm clumping (agglutination) where many sperm stick together in groups or clusters and impaired sperm size and shape of sperm (morphology).

How Does Homeopathy Work?

  • The suppressive damage to the female reproductive organs is caused by drugs like oral contraceptive pills (OCP).  It is also cause by added hormones in food and water, suppressive allopathic medicines and other drugs.

  • The toxins created by suppression ofthe body's natural energies increases the overall level of toxicity.  This then interferes with the function of reproduction.

  • Toxicity causes structural and functional damage along with inflammation to the reproductive organs.

  • Homeopathic remedies repair this damage and release the toxins.

  • Natural fertility is then restored, and pregnancy can be achieved.

Can I Still Use Other Natural Methods To Support Fertility?

  • Yes....other natural and holistic type modalities can work well together!

  • This includes the use of Bach Flower Remedies, targeted for fertility support.

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