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Specialist in Autoimmune Disease
* Crohn's Disease * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome *  Fibromyalgia * Hashimoto's * Hyperthyroid * Hypothyroid * Infertility * Ulcerative Colitis
Children with ADHD * Allergies * Anxiety * Autism * Aspergers * OCD * PANDAS * Skin Issues * SPD * Speech Delay * Tics * Tourette Syndrome * Vaccine Injury

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Request Chronic Care Initial Consult with Kari J. Kindem, CFHom
She treats all of her chronic care clients via Skype video conferencing. 

Homeopathic Care is provided in the USA and Canada only.
Homeopathic care is not covered by medical insurance.

A few openings for new chronic care beginning AFTER January 4, 2015 are now available.

The initial phone call is $90 for 1 hour. This is to learn more about the case and determine if Kari's homeopathic practice would be a good match for the health issues of the person for chronic care.  Appointments are scheduled for the initial call and are done by phone.

Read some of Kari's inspiring Client Testimonials and Success Stories here!

Please Read About Fees and Care Before Completing the Form Below

Homeopathic Care is provided in the USA and Canada only.
Homeopathic care is not covered by medical insurance.

About Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, CEASE Practitioner, San Jose, CA

Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, CEASE Practitioner is a Classical Homeopath with extensive clinical experience and a high volume of chronic and acute care prescribing.  She is professionally trained in several useful homeopathic case analysis methods. She has studied and follows the gentle and advanced water dosing methods of the 5th and 6th Organon as developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathic medicine.

Kari has written over 10,000+ acute and chronic homeopathic prescriptions for clients all across the USA and Canada.  She a wealth of homeopathic medicine knowledge in a wide variety of diagnoses and issues. Her practice is highly successful! She specializes in the treatment of women with Autoimmune Diseases, Crohn's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Infertility and Ulcerative Colitis. She also specializes in the treatment of children with ADHD, Allergies, Anxiety, Autism, Aspergers, OCD, PANDAS / PANS, Skin Issues, SPD, Speech Delay, Tics, Tourette Syndrome, Vaccine Injury.  She has experience with other types chronic health care issues as well as hundreds of acute care issues for women, children and families.  She is trained in the CEASE Method, bowel nosodes, nosodes, sarcodes and homeopathic cell salts

About Homeopathic Care and Fees

    $90 for 60 minutes. Initial phone consultations are by appointment to discuss the case.  This is also for the Homeopath to determine whether or not chronic care in my homeopathic practice is the best option for the case. Initial consultation care calls are payable via Paypal on completion.  Not all cases for which consultations are made are accepted into chronic care.

    Chronic Care Case Intake Fee: $750 per client:
    Natural Fertility Program
    Care Fees: Female client is $650, maximum woman's age is 42;
    Male client is $350, maximum man's age is 50.  Both partners are required to have homeopathic care in the Natural Fertility Program.

    • This fee includes a comprehensive personal intake for up to 2 (two) hours via free Skype web conferencing.

    • It includes the Homeopath's time of 4 - 6+ additional hours per client for case review and research, remedy prescription and case management for your initial prescription.

    • Read more about Fees for homeopathic care here

    Monthly follow-up fees are required on all chronic cases with a standard 6 month contract. Fees are charged per month for all clients by a 6 month control. 

    • Monthly fees are $200 per month for all cases.

    • Fertility Care $200 per month for women, $150 for men.

    • Ongoing scheduled monthly Follow-Up consultations by phone and/or Skype are 30 minutes per month, per Client.

    • This monthly consult time is required and included as part of the chronic care package.  Monthly consults are necessary tracking case progress, prescribing any new remedy, potency and/or prescription changes and to ensure client progress.

    • A six (6) month extension for Chronic Care is offered at the Homeopath's discretion to cases making solid progress and who are compliant with their homeopathic care plan.

    • All autoimmune and autism cases should expect that it will take a minimum of one (1) year to have lasting and steady improvements.


    • Family discounts of 20% for the 2nd and subsequent family members off the stated fees above are offered for additional family member(s), in the same household seeking chronic care.  Fees are discounted on both the chronic care intake fee and ongoing monthly care fees.


    • Remedies During Care Cost: About $200 for 6 months.

    • Homeopathic remedies are ordered and purchase by the client based on the prescription(s( given by the Homeopath.

    • In all chronic cases, certain supplements and vitamins will be required to nutritional rebalancing.  
      The supplement and dosage depends on the case and will support detoxification, optimize organ functions
      and increase the speed of recovery.

    • Acute Remedy Kit for At Home Use for all Cases

      • The kit costs about $150 and lasts many years and will be used by other family members for acute care.

      • A 200C Remedy Acute Care Kit with 50 Remedies is required to be on hand for each contracted Chronic client's household, especially those with children.

      • All acute care is included at no additional charge for the contracted Chronic Client.  The acute kit remedies can also be used for clients and any of their family members - for years to come!

    Labs may be requested from your doctor or done through one of our affiliated lab services on certain cases.
    Not all labs are required. and lab tests if done will depends on the health issues of the client.

    1. Vitamin D Testing - required on all cases.
      Cost: $50 for an at home prick test
      This is to determine the level of Vitamin D. It can be done through home testing with a prick test or through your doctor's office.

    2. MTHFR Gene Testing - if requested.
      Cost: $99 via saliva
      MTHFR genetic testing may be requested. This is saliva test. This is done through non-invasive saliva testing can easily be done at home for children with a kit.

    3. Metabolic Testing - if requested.
      Cost: $235 and up
      If requested for ADHD, Autism, Biopolar, High Anxiety, OCD and other cases.
      Tests for whole blood histamine, plasma (blood level) of zinc, serum (blood level) of copper and pyrroles in urine.


    4. Hair Testing for Heavy Metals and Mineral Balances - if requested
      Cost: $100
      This hair testing is to determine the level of heavy metals and the various mineral balances.  It is done from home with a small sample of hair collected and mailed into the lab

    5. Iodine Deficiency Test - if requested
      Cost: $128
      Requested in adult autoimmune, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, infertility, Hashimoto's cases.

    6. Stool Test - if requested
      Cost: $159
      Recommended autoimmune and autism cases with gut including yeast overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome.
      A basic Microbiology Stool Test Kit
      done at home may be required. This data is important to better understand the current state of a person's immune system, if there is any dysbiotic gut flora and their overall state of digestive health.


    • Read more details about Homeoprophylaxis services here.

    • Supervision Costs: $225 for the Standard HP Program of 8 diseases for the first child, 2nd child in the same family is $175; the cost for a 3rd child and subsequent children in the same household is $50. The same $88 nosode remedy kit is used for all children.

    • For those who want only some portions of the Standard HP Program, supervision is $50 per child, per disease, and then $25 for any additional nosodes requested per child, plus the additional nosode costs, along with shipping.

    • Remedy kits for the Standard HP Program are currently available for $88 plus shipping and handling from a reputable homeopathic lab in the USA.

    • Price includes a 30 minute skype consultation with the Practitioner, written instructions for the Standard HP Program, a schedule for dosing all nosodes and email access to the Practitioner for questions during the Program.

    • The homeopathic nosodes are given in a specific schedule over a 44 month period, usually beginning in infancy at one month of age.

    • Additional contagious disease(s) that are not in the Standard HP Program list are offered at $50 per disease, per child for supervision services plus the cost of the remedy nosodes and shipping, per child.

    • Additional nosodes for other childhood diseases OR protection for travel to foreign countries can be done for $50 for the 1st nosode for supervision services, $25 for any additional nosodes, plus the additional nosode costs with shipping.

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