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Homeopathy For Women
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Natural Recovery and Optimal Health with Homeopathy and Mineral Rebalancing
Serving Families via convenient Skype consultations in the USA.

ADHD * Allergies * Anxiety * Autism * Autoimmune Diseases * Birth Control Detox * Celiac * Crohn's * Chronic Fatigue *  Fibromyalgia 
Hashimoto's * Homeoprophylaxis * Hypothyroidism * IBS * Lyme Disease * PANDAS * Speech Delay * Ulcerative Colitis * Vaccine Injury


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Homeopathy is a 200 year old medical system that is proven to be clinically effective. All homeopathic remedies are safe, non-toxic and are manufactured under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia guidelines.

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HTMA Experts - Hair Tests

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Homeopathy for Women

Request Initial Care Consultation For $150

Sorry, but there are NO CURRENT OPENINGS for Autism, PANDAS or Children's Vaccine Injury Cases.
Please complete the form below to be put on a waiting list for new openings after February 1, 2019.

There ARE current openings for new clients for Acute Care, AIT, Banerji Protocol Consults,
Birth Control Pill Detox, Hair Testing, Homeoprophylaxis (HP), Infertility Care and Short Term Care.

For Homeopathic Immunizations, please complete the form here:

All care is provided by Kari J. Kindem, AIT, CFHom, CHP, CEASE, Classical Homeopath, HTMA Practitioner
Kari is based in San Jose, CA, USA and provides services to clients via skype conferencing and email.

An Initial Consultation Is Required For Programs As Listed Below.

Please read below about various services and prices before submitting the form.

We do not bill medical insurance and homeopathic care is not covered by medical insurance.
Invoices for care can be provided for submissions to qualified Flex Spending or medical accounts.

Prices Effective: August 1, 2018
Read More About Fees.

Acute Care - 1 Week (7 days) to 4 Weeks Maximum
There are ongoing openings for new
acute care.

  • Request Acute Care for One (1) Week Here
  • An acute is considered any SHORT TERM health condition that is less than 30 days in duration.
  • Fee is $150 for 1 week (7 days of consecutive care) with daily email support and prescription advice.
  • Additional weeks can be purchased for up to 30 days maximum.
  • Fees do not include the cost of homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements or hair testing if recommended.

Auditory Integration Training Services - AIT At Home Services - Read more here
There are ongoing openings now for
Auditory Integration Training - AIT At Home.

  • Please complete the AIT contact form on this website at
  • Initial consultation fee is not required for this AIT Program.
  • AIT Done At Home Fee: $699 for the 20 sessions, 10 hours completed over 10 days with sessions 2 times a day for 30 minutes each. Discounts apply for more than one person in the family doing AIT at the same time.
  • AIT is powerful home-based therapy done in 10 consecutive days and borrowing our AIT equipment.

Banerji Protocol Consultation - Read more here about Banerji Protocols

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Hair Test For 36 Elements With Comprehensive Report
Hair testing and nutritional supplementation is independently done. Anyone may order a hair test.
There are ongoing openings also for HTMA consultations.

  • Comprehensive HTMA Hair Test Fee: $150 per person.
  • Any one may order a hair test. You do not have to be a current client in my practice to order the HTMA.
  • You may order the HTMA here:
  • The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) includes a comprehensive report plus specific nutritional supplement recommendations and dietary suggestions.
  • HTMA Skype Consultation Fee: $150 for 1 hour Skype. This can be scheduled after results are received. Includes explanation of the report in detail, nutrient recommendations and other general health care advice.
  • Note: Due to state laws, we cannot provide any hair testing in New York state.

Homeopathic Care - Short Term Month By Month Basis (up to 3 Months)
This type of care is for less complex issues of a shorter duration.
Includes Programs for Birth Control Pill Detox, IVF Detox, IUD Detox and Hormone Replacement Detox.
Autism Spectrum (ASD), vaccine injury and complex cases do not qualify for short term care.

  • Initial Skype Consultation Fee: $150 for 1 hour.
  • Short Term Care Case Intake Fee: $375 per client.
  • Includes the first one (1) month of care with one (1) weekly check in by email for guidance and prescription services.
  • Prescriptions and advice are provided by email only.
  • Each additional month of short term care is $250 per month, paid on a month-to-month basis.
  • Hair Testing (HTMA) is REQUIRED for $150 per person and is done prior to short term care beginning.
  • Order the HTMA here:
  • Fee do not include the cost of homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements recommended in hair testing.

Homeopathic Care - Long Term: Chronic Care Cases: 6 Month Contract Required
Complex Cases: Children with ADHD, Autism, Autoimmune disease, PANDAS/PANS, Vaccine Injury, etc.
These types of cases require a minimum of six (6) months of contract based care.
Includes Programs for Antibiotic Detox, Steroid detox, Drug Detox and/or Vaccine detox combinations.
Most cases achieve a 50% to 70% level of improvements within about one year (12 months) of care.

  • Initial Skype Consultation Fee: $150 for 1 hour.
  • Chronic Care Case Intake Fee: $750 per client.
  • Monthly Consulting Fee: $450 per client, per month for a six (6) month contract.
  • Family discounts will apply for more than one family member in a chronic care program at the same time.
  • Hair Testing (HTMA) is REQUIRED for $150 per person and is done prior to long term care beginning.
  • Order HTMA here:
  • The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) includes a comprehensive report plus specific nutritional supplement recommendations and dietary suggestions.
  • A minimum of 6 months of care is required for global improvements, which take place slowly month by month. 
  • Complex cases will often require an additional 6 (six) months of care (total of 12 months) for a higher level of lasting, global improvements. This is the case if there is any history of steroids, antibiotics, prescription drugs, vaccines and/or for children, if the mother was on birth control pills, IVF, birthing drugs, etc. prior to birth.

  • Some cases of vaccine injury or autism can take up to two (2) years, depending on severity.
  • Ongoing advice is provided by email. Fee includes a once weekly email report as directed.
  • Fee includes free acute care for the contracted client during business hours.
  • Fee do not include the cost of homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements recommended or hair testing.

Homeopathic Immunization (Homeoprophylaxis - HP) Programs For All Ages
There are ongoing openings now for
all Homeopathic Immunization Programs.
Read more Homeoprophylaxis (HP) at

  • To enroll in any HP program, go to this website at

  • Children's HP Online Course: FREE with paid supervision for the Children's HP Course  online. This program is a 50 month HP Practitioner supervised Program.

  • Cost is: $275 for the 1st child, $175 for the 2nd child, $75 for the 3rd or more in the same family enrolled at the same time.
  • Discounts are available for large families and those in severe financial need with W2 household annual income below $30,000.
  • Families that complete the Children's HP Course within 7 days of enrollment will save 20% on supervision fees, per child.
  • Single Disease HP Supervision Fee For Other Programs: Dosing instructions are provided by email for up to 4 diseases for $75 for one disease, $125 for two diseases, $150 for 3 diseases, $175 for 4 diseases.  5 or more diseases are $200 for supervision services.
  • More than 5 single diseases for HP services, a 1 hour Skype for $150 to go over dosing instructions.
  • The HP Remedy cost is $20 per potency, per disease.
  • Discounts are available for more than one person in the same family doing single diseases with HP at the same time. 
  • Mission workers also get a 20% discount on HP Travel Program supervision fees.
  • HP Remedy Kit for enrolled clients is $125 plus shipping for the 10 disease HP Program and can be used for up to 4 children in the same family.
  • HP Remedies for single diseases are $20 per potency per disease plus shipping.

Remedies and Homeopathy Kits Required For Care

Request Initial Care Consultation For $150

Do NOT use this form to request Acute Care - go instead to the Acute Care Form

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